Thursday, October 30, 2008

Duel to First-Blood:Thursday Night Fight

(If you have technical difficulties sending moves in by PM, you may send them by e-mail.)



10-30-2008 22:13:18 UTC

I’ll join. I’m holding no items.


10-30-2008 22:20:46 UTC

I’m in.  Holding no items.

Hello Sailor:

10-30-2008 22:22:57 UTC

In, holding nothing

Hello Sailor:

10-30-2008 22:25:13 UTC

Oh, this is ridiculous.  More Duels need to be held, or the system changed.  As is, only those who check the blog frequently have a chance of gaining the benefits of duels.


10-30-2008 22:27:52 UTC

Actually, I just happened to check the blog at the right time, but you’re right.

Hello Sailor:

10-30-2008 22:27:57 UTC

Sorry for the repeated comments, but there’s no way that over 2 minutes elapsed between my previous 2 comments.  This is an experimental comment to determine the how the comment timestamp is related to the clock running on the sidebar.

Hello Sailor:

10-30-2008 23:52:54 UTC

[optimal strategy for the underdog Yoda]

Choose only Punch, Kick, and Grab each round with probabilities 0.430159709001947, 0.245122333753307, and 0.324717957244746 (respectively) to guarantee yourself a winning probability of 0.430159709001947.



10-31-2008 06:17:56 UTC

Has PB not sent in moves yet?


10-31-2008 10:41:14 UTC

He has now.


10-31-2008 15:31:39 UTC

Yoda / Purplebeard(result)
Dodge/ Kick (tie)
Kick / Kick (tie)
Grab / Kick (Purplebeard thrown)
Dance/ Whimper (Purplebeard humiliated)

Yoda wins.