Sunday, April 04, 2010

Proposal: Dwarven Honor

Self-killed. -Purplebeard

Adminned at 05 Apr 2010 08:15:33 UTC

Add a new rule, named “Honor”:

Each Colonist has an amount of Honor, which is tracked in the GNDT.  New Colonists start with an Honor of 0.

Add a subrule to this rule, named “Legislation”:

When a Proposal is Enacted or Failed, the submitter gains 2 Honor for each vote cast in favor of the proposal in addition to the submitter’s vote.

If there is a rule entitled “Stockpile”, add a subrule to it, named “Honor”:

Whenever a Colonist adds items to the stockpile, he gains honor depending on how many of those
items were already in the stockpile, according to the table below.

         |  0  |  1  | 2-3 | 4-5 | 6-10 | 11-20 | 21-30 | 31-50 | 50+
  Food   |  30 |  20 |  10 |  5  |  3   |   2   |   2   |   1   |  1
  Wood   |  10 |  7  |  7  |  5  |  5   |   3   |   1   |   1   |  0
  Rock   |  20 |  15 |  10 |  10 |  7   |   7   |   2   |   1   |  0

Add Honor to the GNDT, and set all Colonists’ Honor to 0.

Honor should be a measure of how much good you’ve done for the community.  Nothing in this proposal about terraforming, as that’s not obviously good or bad.



04-04-2010 16:28:22 UTC

for nice idea

If I gain 4 Food by hunting (and does not have any food yet), would I get 30 Honer once, or would I get 30+20+10+10 Honer?


04-04-2010 16:30:04 UTC

*err* I meant Honor of course.

Well, “When a Proposal is Enacted or Failed” should be “When a Proposal is Enacted” in my opinion…


04-04-2010 16:42:02 UTC

I agree with Keba, it needs to be only for passed proposals, otherwise,  for


04-04-2010 16:44:04 UTC

Keba: I initially envisioned it as 30+20+10+10, but that may not be how it’s interpreted.  If this passes, someone should probably make a proposal to add a clarification.

On failed proposals, I wanted to reward good, but not-quite-good-enough proposals as well.  There are plenty of situations where (for example) one good proposal gets self-killed in favor of a better one that does much the same thing.


04-04-2010 16:46:59 UTC

On the other hand, I won’t fight changing it to only passed proposals; I was debating that point myself.

Josh: he/they

04-04-2010 17:23:27 UTC

for I like it as it is, although the multiple reward should be fixed and probably the size of the rewards reduced.

Darknight: he/him

04-04-2010 19:33:42 UTC



04-04-2010 21:25:57 UTC

against Just an unfun grindy race to be the first to contribute food.  Also encourages Proposal spam.


04-04-2010 21:34:34 UTC



04-04-2010 22:09:39 UTC


Kevan: City he/him

04-04-2010 22:11:53 UTC

against for the proposal enactment effect, which would encourage proposal spam and the queue-slowing, tactical withholding of FOR votes.


04-04-2010 23:00:41 UTC

Hix: note that the stockpile starts with some of each thing, so the really high honor points aren’t available unless someone spends all of something.


05-04-2010 00:51:12 UTC



05-04-2010 03:55:19 UTC

Even after “Don’t mess with the voting system”. The table looks crazy unbalanced; it’ll create a game of trying to run the stockpiles out in order to be the one to put the first few supplies in.

Josh: he/they

05-04-2010 08:07:38 UTC

CoV against


05-04-2010 12:21:08 UTC

against due to massively promoting timing scams and scripting. I don’t really want to have to write a script to update the GNDT first upon this proposal passing, but if it looks like passing I might.


05-04-2010 14:37:01 UTC

against s/k; to keep the queue moving