Friday, April 12, 2019

Dynasty Ideas

I like to check for interest in dynasty ideas before picking one. Right now I have three ideas I’m considering:

* A dynasty about contractors making secret bids on projects and building the right team for a job whose requirements aren’t known until the last second. The theme could be criminal mercenaries, space mega structures, or even gilded age construction projects.
* A dynasty about governing a polity. Each player gets a different position with different powers and goals each “round”. Perhaps we have a mechanic where scoring points weakens your faction’s strength and thus ability to determine position. Themes could be a fantasy city with magical powers in each position, a modern democracy with checks and balances, or a hereditary monarchy with factional leaders born into different positions.
* A dynasty about deck building and card duels. We’d probably have a card-building start with occasional duels for bonuses and the test the rules, and then end with a tournament. The duels could be framed as armies clashing, close up personal magical duels, a slow logistical contest, or even robots or spaceships fighting.

I want to know which mechanics and themes interest you the most. You’ll notice that I’m separating the mechanics from the themes: I think they’re both necessary and both important. I’m interested in your preferences on each.



12-04-2019 16:11:20 UTC

I don’t know; I like all of these ideas. In terms of mechanics, I think I prefer the “governing a polity” idea, and all those themes look great.

Perhaps the best thing, however, is that all of these mechanic/theme pairs have potential to introduce the FRUIT command again, which I’m always all for (the mercenaries theme might make it slightly awkward, though).


13-04-2019 02:52:43 UTC

I like both secret bidding as a mechanic and building megastructures as a theme. And also yes to FRUIT!


13-04-2019 05:43:36 UTC

any of those ideas sound good. i don’t think i’m ready for the deckbuilding just one yet. it was weird enough last time we had a card game to have everyone’s hand revealed.


15-04-2019 04:03:00 UTC

i’ve changed my mind on the deckbuilding as I’m curious for how exactly it would be accomplished on blognomic. any of the themes sound nice, even if some are cliché.
while i’m most interested in that, any of those ideas sound cool enough to try out