Monday, April 11, 2011

Proposal: Eating grass is serious business

Reaches quorum and passes, 18-0. Josh

Adminned at 12 Apr 2011 05:35:23 UTC

Create a new dynastic rule, “Officials”:

Each Sheep can hold up to one Official Position. Official Positions are listed in subrules of this rule. Official Positions can be held by at most one Sheep at a time, and might not be held by any; which Official Position (if any) is held by each Sheep is tracked in the GNDT. The holder of an Official Position is known as an Official.

As a weekly action, a Sheep can take an Official Position that is not currently filled by another Sheep, unless another rule bans this.

Each Official Position has Duties, a list of requirements relating to that position. It is not illegal for an Official to fail to perform his duties; however, if an Official Position’s Duties are not fulfilled (either by the appropriate Officer, or by anyone else), any Sheep can cause that Official Position to become vacant, and the Sheep holding it to hold no Official Position, as long as they explain the way in which the Duties weren’t fulfilled in the comment to the GNDT update. Official Positions can also have Powers, rules that only have an effect while someone holds that Official Position, and which often depend on the holder.

If more than half the EVCs on this proposal contain the phrase “Get it Started”, add the following subrules to the above rule, then install ais523 as the Default Sanitiser:

“Default Sanitiser”:

Duties: Must ensure no office stays vacant for more than 48 hours.
Powers: Nobody can take an official position that was created within the previous 48 hours, unless the Default Sanitiser first gives them permission in a blog post or blog comment.

“Sheep Counter”:

Duties: Must ensure Quorum remains at least 8.

“Mr. Alarm Clock”:

Duties: Must ensure that a blog post or comment reminds Sheep (other than Mr. Alarm Clock) who come within 48 hours from idling due to activity or missing an Official duties deadline that such a deadline is coming up, before the deadline actually passes.

Really, you don’t want to see what happens when sheep get organised. It’s scary. And rather bureaucratic. Some example officials to get us started; someone responsible for making sure that new offices aren’t a free-for-all, someone who has to try to keep the dynasty interesting enough to prevent people idling out (somehow), and someone who reminds people when they’re about to idle. (No doubt I’ve judged it wrong in the first proposal, but you can always EVC these out and/or propose your own.) We should have a lot more, many of which are a lot easier than this, and perhaps some even harder but with larger rewards.



11-04-2011 20:59:54 UTC

for Get it Started


11-04-2011 21:06:19 UTC

against Forcing quorum to stay at 8 is just asking to exploit the loophole in 1.2


11-04-2011 21:12:15 UTC

There’s a loophole in 1.2? If so, shouldn’t it just be fixed instead of preventing rules being added that might be exploited via it? (Also, what is it?)


11-04-2011 21:12:24 UTC

What loophole in 1.2?  for


11-04-2011 21:19:15 UTC

Admins don’t have to idle players.  They may choose not to. If an admin got that position we would be left with several players who are gone but are still “active”.


11-04-2011 21:35:54 UTC

But other admins exist, and can do the idling. It’s not like only one admin exists. And several admins have posted recently, or are on IRC right now.


11-04-2011 21:41:30 UTC

Admins can also unidle that do to the second loophole:
Admins may de-Idle a Sheep at their request, and Idle Admins may de-idle themselves at any time, unless the idle Sheep in question asked to become (or rendered themselves) Idle within the previous 4 days, and within the current dynasty.

That “unless” allows admins to un


11-04-2011 21:52:44 UTC

It doesn’t allow admins to unidle players who haven’t requested to become unidle, though. I really don’t think there’s an issue here.


11-04-2011 21:53:19 UTC



11-04-2011 22:05:39 UTC

for meh, it’s still asking for trouble.

Roujo: he/him

11-04-2011 22:09:56 UTC

Must ensure Quorum remains at least 8. How are we supposed to do that? HOW CAN WE ENFORCE THIS? =P

Also, inb4 this dynasty turns into Agora, the flagship of all that is buraucratic burden. =P

Also, for


11-04-2011 22:10:50 UTC



11-04-2011 22:12:50 UTC



11-04-2011 22:13:27 UTC

and I agree with Roujo

Darknight: he/him

11-04-2011 22:26:32 UTC



11-04-2011 22:41:58 UTC

for Though this vote doesn’t count until I’m acutally a player I believe.

Also - Get it Started


11-04-2011 22:58:34 UTC

Get for it Started.

Roujo: he/him

11-04-2011 23:28:57 UTC

Heh. Didn’t see the EVC clause.

“C"oV for, although it’s not a change, but I’m adding Get it Started.

Also, I’m looking forward to see if WildCard’s EVC actually triggers the clause. =P


11-04-2011 23:36:10 UTC

EAV for Get it Started


11-04-2011 23:37:02 UTC

Get it Started, BTW.


11-04-2011 23:40:11 UTC

for Get it Started


11-04-2011 23:50:48 UTC

for Get it Started


12-04-2011 00:16:56 UTC

for Get it Started


12-04-2011 00:18:05 UTC

Oh, right, I’m idle.


12-04-2011 00:20:25 UTC

for Get it Started

And now I’m not.


12-04-2011 01:30:06 UTC

Let’s Get it Started in here.


12-04-2011 03:29:59 UTC

for Get it Started

Josh: he/him

12-04-2011 05:41:11 UTC



12-04-2011 07:04:26 UTC

for Get it Started


12-04-2011 07:49:51 UTC