Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The first election under the new rules.  This election closes at the start of the 22nd of October.



10-20-2009 11:43:53 UTC

I vote for Kevan, still


10-20-2009 12:34:04 UTC

I vote for spikebrennan. End the Orange hegemony of our electoral system!


10-20-2009 14:56:16 UTC

I vote for Rodlen (for DDA reasons).


10-20-2009 18:42:32 UTC

I vote for Shem (Go Team Blue!)


10-20-2009 19:30:55 UTC

I vote for ais523, even though he doesn’t understand me.

Ienpw III:

10-21-2009 01:33:36 UTC


Darth Cliche:
07-07-2009 14:07:18 UTC

You know what?

I’m leaving the DDA. It’s only a temporary leave, however - I’ll return once Kevan gets his sixth Dynasty.

P.S. The DDA do indeed scheme to win, but not seriously. Every dynasty, two of us betray the DDA to help someone with their complex scheme (in Dev’s it was me and Qwaz, in ais’s it was me and yuri, etc.)

Darth Cliche:
07-07-2009 14:10:54 UTC

Hold on, allow me to clarify:
I picked a random player who commented on this post. I’ll return when e gets eir next Dynasty. The random player is Kevan.

Abstaining for the present.


10-21-2009 03:52:24 UTC

Vote for me, guys.  I’ve been using my proposal slots on trivial proposals that fix stuff rather than on new stuff that earns score.  Plus I’ve been doing a good job as Acting Leader.


10-21-2009 04:41:10 UTC

@yuri: I’m evil. I lied.


10-21-2009 04:41:29 UTC

Also, I vote for Bucky.


10-21-2009 04:43:01 UTC

I vote for Bucky.

(I could not legally do so until Darth Cliche did.)


10-21-2009 06:06:28 UTC

Mmm, ok I change by vote to Bucky. It will be more fun to mess his dynasty when he finally wins :D


10-21-2009 06:10:33 UTC

Also if Bucky wins this it means I have successfully dodged Bucky’s and Kevan’s punishment proposals, which will allow me to laugh really hard.


10-21-2009 10:14:13 UTC

My proposal was just to re-propose the popular rule-change that you vetoed, in a way that couldn’t be vetoed. It didn’t try to punish anyone.

Ienpw III:

10-21-2009 10:43:10 UTC

I vote for Bucky.


10-21-2009 13:21:51 UTC

@kevan: Sorry for the misunderstanding.

I change my vote to Kevan then. (hehe)


10-21-2009 15:17:24 UTC

Actually, Bucky’s wasn’t a punishment either, it just had an optional punishment clause in case a quorum felt it appropriate.

So who actually wants to be Leader, here?


10-21-2009 15:41:36 UTC

/me raises hand.


10-21-2009 15:57:44 UTC

Okay, I’ll vote for Darth Cliche.


10-21-2009 16:03:11 UTC

I vote for myself, if I’m now allowed to.


10-21-2009 16:15:05 UTC

I also want to be Leader.


10-21-2009 16:36:19 UTC

I’m taking the Beeblebrox approach of voting for someone who wants power, but doesn’t want it too urgently. You lost me at the campaigning, although I’m aware that this may be a double bluff…


10-21-2009 20:05:03 UTC

I would vote por DC except I don’t think he would make a good emperor.


10-21-2009 20:08:24 UTC

Oh, but I must digress: not because he is not a nice fella, just because I don’t think he is very active, and doesn’t have really interesting proposals.

I would have voted for Bucky at first, but now I think he is just desperate to win.


10-21-2009 22:15:20 UTC

Can I be the leader? or am I too late? I feel like the poor sap always picked last for kickball lol.


10-21-2009 22:23:51 UTC

I would vote for you except you’re a red (technically, a shade of red).


10-21-2009 22:25:13 UTC

oh =P to you then quaz lol.


10-21-2009 22:26:22 UTC

Orange is not a shade of red.


10-22-2009 00:20:25 UTC

Election is over, vote tallies are:
Kevan: 51+43 = 94
Bucky: 63+22 = 85 (That’s what I get for spending 10 points bribing ais523)
Darth Cliche: 1+52 = 53
spikebrennan: 40
Shem: 1


10-22-2009 01:30:51 UTC

Cool, now that Kevan is the leader, he may not achieve victory :)


10-22-2009 02:29:58 UTC

...for two weeks.


10-22-2009 02:30:31 UTC

I may have supported DC’s candidacy if I wasn’t asleep when he spoke up.


10-22-2009 03:17:37 UTC

Well, argh.


10-22-2009 04:41:59 UTC

Orange is too a shade of Red, have you never seen Red vs Blue?


10-22-2009 13:59:46 UTC

@Qwaz: No. Also, I rather dislike Halo as well; especially Halo 3.