Sunday, June 26, 2022

Proposal: Election Mechanic

Withdrawn and failed -SingularByte

Adminned at 27 Jun 2022 06:36:35 UTC

Create a subrule of ideologies called Election Mechanics:

An Election Mechanic is a dynastic rule that has square brackets at the end of the rule title. These brackets may and should contain the name of a single Ideology. References to an Election Mechanic’s “stated Ideology” refer to the Ideology inside that rule’s square brackets.

Election Mechanics are considered flavour text, except when they are commanded to be followed by a (non-Election Mechanic) Dynastic Rule. A proposal which creates a new Election Mechanic rule as its sole proposed change in gamestate may only be voted on by Demiurges that have continuously had its stated Ideology since the post time of that proposal. The Omnipotence is permitted to vote on it, but is advised not to.

Similarly, proposals that alter a rule that is currently an Election Mechanic may only be voted on my Demiurges that have continuously had its stated Ideology since the post time of that proposal or by the Omnipotence, but only if the following criteria are met:
* The Election Mechanic is not changing its stated Ideology from one Ideology to another.
* The Election Mechanic is not ceasing to be an Election Mechanic.
* It only changes that Election Mechanic and nothing else.

If that criteria is not met, it is not considered to be an Election Mechanic proposal and follows all normal rules of voting.

Election Mechanics are not considered pending proposals for the purposes of checking if non-Election Mechanic proposals are the oldest pending proposal. Quorum for Election Mechanics is calculated according to the number of Demiurges that are eligible to vote on it, rather than according to the total Demiurge number.

If an Election Mechanic’s stated Ideology that does not exist, any Demiurge may remove that Election Mechanic and its subrules.

Whether we go with combat or non-combat victories, I do think it should be up to a given ideology to decide how to pick their own winner. Anyone who doesn’t want that side of gameplay can simply just declare their own ideology without a denoted Election Mechanic.


SingularByte: Demon King he/him

27-06-2022 06:36:05 UTC

Withdrawn due to a fatal flaw in the proposal. (At one member, any election mechanic will fail its vote unless the emperor ignores the command not to vote on it.  against