Sunday, August 13, 2006

Proposal: End of the Line

Reaches Quorum (7-0)
Enacted by Hix

Adminned at 14 Aug 2006 11:52:58 UTC

Add a new subrule to “The Timeline”, called “Death Events”.

If a Node Event contains the keyword “Death:Name” (where “Name” is the name of a Traveller or Companion), then it is known as a Death Event, and signifies the death of that character. (If a character has multiple Death Events, the Arbiter may replace any number of the relevant “Death:Name” keywords with “Anomalous”.)

If a Traveller’s TL matches the date of their Death, then they may take no game actions except those defined in the Core Ruleset.

If a Traveller’s CTL matches the date of their Companion’s Death, then the Traveller’s Range only includes the TL component, and not that of the CTL.

To the “Laws of Time” rule, add a subrule “Thou Shalt Not Kill”:-

A Traveller may not create a Death Event, nor change an existing Node into a Death Event, unless the subject of the Death Event is a Renegade (or a Renegade’s Companion).



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13-08-2006 15:27:09 UTC


Elias IX:

13-08-2006 18:16:35 UTC

for (sigh)


13-08-2006 18:22:18 UTC

I will be using authority granted by “The Arbiter may redescribe or delete Node Events…” to remedy any “Death Events” which pop up between now and the time of this Proposal’s Enactment (so don’t try any funny business, a’ight?).

Elias IX:

13-08-2006 18:48:27 UTC

I’d like to fix my own death, though. I have secret plans, (waves hands around).


14-08-2006 08:32:40 UTC



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