Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Story Post: Escalating Tensions

Title: Escalating Tensions
Passive Effect: Kaiju other than you and your Right Claw may only make Bid Comments that are integer multiples of this Aspect’s Power Score.

The Kaiju Court has been called to order. Bidding on this Aspect begins now; other Aspects to follow.



06-30-2015 17:08:34 UTC

Normally, the Kaiju with the highest Prestige—me—would gain a Lab Token with the new Epoch. However, the tracking of Lab Tokens is defined in the rule “Lab Tokens,” and I do not count as a Kaiju for the purposes of that rule. I think this means I don’t get a token, and indeed can’t have one, but nobody else does either.


07-01-2015 05:08:29 UTC