Thursday, March 23, 2017

Proposal: Even less free lunch

Quorums 5-1. — Quirck

Adminned at 27 Mar 2017 09:58:10 UTC

In rule Nutrients remove the line that reads:

An Organ may give some of their nutrients to its creature’s supply at any time by changing the GNDT to reflect so. Any gift of nutrients to its creature’s supply decreases the hunger mood of the gifting Organ’s Creature by the number of nutrients given, as long as the hunger is above or equal to 0. If a gift of nutrients would cause hunger to become less than 0, it instead becomes 0.

If I read this correctly, an Organ can take 3 nutrients from their creature without increasing hunger, then put them back into the creature to lower hunger. If kept, it makes hunger irrelevant. Rather than proposing a fix, I propose to remove it since you can already transfer nutrients to another organ if needed.



03-24-2017 00:08:43 UTC

Actually, hunger is relevant because its advantageous to keep hunger high (because its like a visa for getting rewards from the Statolith if you do the fulfillment thing). Having it be low is a bad thing.

The only reason why someone would want to lower Hunger (currently) would be sabotage.


03-24-2017 00:18:19 UTC

Well, even if that’s true, repealing this bit will lead to less chances of sabotage.


03-24-2017 00:20:32 UTC

So would gifts in this way not be the same as when you are forced to give nutrients to the supply?

At any rate it might be useful if Hunger were too high in moods and it would otherwise cost more to switch to the ocellus state in order to fulfill.  for


03-24-2017 00:22:20 UTC

Oh wait I misread your proposal.  imperial


03-24-2017 00:27:50 UTC

It’s not obvious to me that giving nutrients to the supply currently “fulfills” hunger; it decreases it but “fulfills” seems to have a specific meaning that only collecting ambient nutrients does.

That said, anything that shrinks the ruleset is an almost automatic for .

Oracular rufio:

03-24-2017 00:43:13 UTC

against You might wind up a situation where you have too many nutrients because the Statolith gave them and no way to get rid of them, so you would be prevented from taking any game actions.


03-24-2017 02:01:00 UTC

“An Organ may store up to 4 nutrients. If an Organ has more than 4 nutrients after completing a dynastic action, they must give nutrients to its creature’s supply until they only have 4 nutrients before performing any other dynastic action.”

Oracular rufio:

03-24-2017 02:11:21 UTC

Hm, yeah, I guess that does tacitly allow you to give nutrients.  Sure.  for


03-24-2017 07:30:05 UTC

Card is correct at quoting that, but “must” is a command, it doesn’t grant the ability to actually give nutrients.

You could just give nutrients to a bunch of other people and lock them out of doing anything.


03-24-2017 10:48:21 UTC



03-24-2017 10:56:20 UTC

for this might cause problems but they can be fixed. Seems sensible.


03-25-2017 14:21:25 UTC

for I keep forgetting to do this myself. thanks.


03-26-2017 18:07:15 UTC