Monday, July 31, 2017

Proposal: Even we must be known

Reaches quorum against, 2-5. Failed by pokes.

Adminned at 01 Aug 2017 21:55:06 UTC

Create a new rule “Positive Influence”

If a proposal passes with a unanimous vote, then increase the proposer’s IE by 1


Suggestion of course…



08-01-2017 07:25:25 UTC

although I doubt anyone will get anything off of it.


08-01-2017 07:52:26 UTC

imperial Also. Proposals only need a quorum of votes to pass, so this would only trigger if a contentious proposal further down the queue kept a popular proposal open for voting for a long enough time.

And even then, there’s some incentive for nobody to submit that final FOR vote, if all it changes is that the proposer gains IE.


08-01-2017 08:38:47 UTC


The spirit of it is stellar, but in a metagame where we tend to game the system, I fear this will just add a chore to do to proposals which are actually desireable to everyone (like cleanups and such), but now have to vote against at some moment.


08-01-2017 09:08:24 UTC

For example:

• Instead of Voting For: If there are no votes Against yet, I vote Against and say “I’ll CoV to For once someone votes Against.”
• In case of voting Against: I just vote against.

It just adds a chore to do.


08-01-2017 10:31:00 UTC

against per Kevan; “passes with no against votes” would solve any objections I have though, and would vote for if it got resubmitted with that wording.


08-01-2017 16:31:14 UTC

against Its too easy to block, and it gives a non-negligible advantage to admins, who control the exact timing of passes and fails.


08-01-2017 19:15:44 UTC

[pokes] Historically, that kind of thing encourages constant and unobjectionably bland “fix” proposals (if you ever have a free proposal slot, you may as well correct some grammar) and queue-slowing tactical voting.


08-01-2017 20:40:17 UTC

I’m okay with the former - why not fix grammar if you have nothing better to do? But I see why the latter would be a problem on such a proposal.


08-01-2017 21:37:13 UTC

For all the reasons everyone’s said.