Thursday, August 07, 2014

Proposal: Experience Points

Self-killed. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 07 Aug 2014 10:40:49 UTC

Frome rule 2.4, remove the line:~

A Seller is Inexperienced if they unidled or joined the game within the previous five days; otherwise they are Experienced.

Create a new rule entitled “Experienced Sellers” with the text:~

Each Seller is either Experienced or Inexperienced. This is tracked by a GNDT value known as “Experience”. The Broker is always Experienced. All other sellers become Inexperienced upon joining or unidling, and become Experienced after being active for five days. For every proposal that an Inexperienced Seller is the author of, if and when that proposal passes, the time that seller must be active before becoming Experienced is reduced by one day.

Reduce the time that lilomar must be active before becomeing Experienced by one day.

I’m tired of waiting to become Experienced. Plus, the current placement of the rule seems sloppy to me.

Last line is to circumvent rule 3.3.2, bullet 3.



07-08-2014 06:02:38 UTC

against The Broker has no values in the GNDT, since he’s not a Seller. Also, I see no reason to immediately make you Experienced.


07-08-2014 06:31:02 UTC

The broker is a Seller for the purposes of Core rules and rules that specify he is one.

It doesn’t immediately make me experienced, just lets this proposal count toward me becoming so.


07-08-2014 06:33:09 UTC

Strike that, actually, this dynasty makes him not a Seller for dynastic rules, even if he is specified. Different than the old Imperial exception rule that I’m used to. Still, it doesn’t really make a difference.


07-08-2014 06:44:17 UTC

against Eh, s/k due to my poor reading of the modern version of the imperial exception rule. New version at