Sunday, February 25, 2024

Proposal: Explicit Expectations

Timed out, 0-1 with 1 DEF. Failed by JonathanDark.

Adminned at 28 Feb 2024 00:29:02 UTC

In the Core rule “Dynasties”, add:

Each Dynasty has a Dynastic Style, which is flavourtext and must be one of the following:
*Standard: this Dynasty is intended to be a free mixture of gameplay, game design, loophole exploitation, social interaction etc.
*Wild: scams, loophole exploitation and other phenomena that might be considered unfair in e.g. ordinary board games are intended to be a major part of this dynasty
*Design: the aim of this dynasty is to create an interesting game while playing it at the same time
*Fun: the purpose of this dynasty is to have fun, not necessarily in a particularly competitive manner

The Dynastic Style of a Dynasty is by default Standard and can be changed by the Sovereign as a part of their Ascension,  or with a Proposal. The current Dynastic Style and its description should be included at the top of the Dynastic Rules section of the ruleset in any format the Sovereign deems suitable.

In the Core rule “Victory and Ascension”, add the following to the end of the bullet point which begins “Update the Ruleset to reflect any changed terms”:

Update the Dynastic Style.

A possible way for the Emperor to easily tell players what kind of mindset the dynasty should be played with. I’m not sure how useful it’d be in practice, though


Clucky: he/him

25-02-2024 17:35:05 UTC

people already informally do this per

I think the Imperial styles does a better job at addressing the multi-facted nature of dynasties; and that keeping it informal is probably for the best so we don’t get into weird issues where a dynasty doesn’t actually line up with the style selected at the start


25-02-2024 18:40:38 UTC

Isn’t the flavourtext status enough to make it informal? Anyway EAV imperial

Imperial styles I think only tell how the Emperor plans to play, not what the game culture should look like, so wouldn’t perhaps overlap that much

Josh: Observer he/they

26-02-2024 07:48:33 UTC

against At a certain level, I don’t think the ruleset should be telling us what kind of fun to have. The Emperor is just one player and shouldn’t get to mandate game culture.