Friday, July 24, 2009


Lets look at the votes on the proposal that broke blognomic:

Arth, DC and Euler were all for.

Qwaz and DK were IMP

Amni, Shem and Wak were all against. (Amni changed votes)

that is a 3-3-2 failure, not 4-3-3 pass.



24-07-2009 15:43:37 UTC

I fixed it.


24-07-2009 23:16:59 UTC


I had a scam idea involving that rule. Your “typo correction” made the rule say that boring actions can be performed - therefore, I was going to take the “boring” action of making me the emperor, then beginning a new dynasty, then editing the keywords, then repealing all dynastic rules.

(Because just “achieving victory” would require a DoV which would certainly fail.)