Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Proposal: Faction try

Self-killed. Failed by card.

Adminned at 14 Jul 2017 15:30:45 UTC

Create a section within “Dynastic Rules” called “Factions”.
Within “Factions” add:

The Seraphim shall assign a

Within “Factions” create 2 separate sections: “Traditionalists” and “Innovationists”.
Within “Traditionalists” add:


Within “Innovationists” add:




07-12-2017 23:47:13 UTC

Was this the result of getting bitten by the “Save Revision” actually means “Post it now” gotcha?

It can still be edited until someone posts a vote on it. Although even in this current form I like it. It adds flavor.


07-13-2017 05:21:57 UTC

Well it’s not broken even if it was mistakenly posted in this version.


07-13-2017 08:53:22 UTC


Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:

07-13-2017 09:55:25 UTC



07-13-2017 10:55:27 UTC



07-13-2017 21:38:26 UTC

Fixing right now. Also, the first comment is accurate.


07-14-2017 00:10:07 UTC

I like the idea of factions, but you can’t edit the Proposal once there are votes on it (or it’s 6 hours old); if you want to do a complete re-do you can self-kill it and repost the update once one of your two Proposals goes through the queue.

The initial assignment is functionally equivalent to starting with all empty factions, and then in random order assigning each Pactmaker to the faction with the fewest members, breaking ties randomly, which might be easier for the Seraphim.

The bases could also be done in a format where the actual rule says something like just “Traditionalist bases are colored dark red on the map of Ibiza; Traditionalist zones of control are colored pink, ...” and then the Proposal text, outside of the rule, can specify coloring the appropriate squares the appropriate colors; that way we can look at the map instead of coordinate lists.

More personally, the last Dynasty left me (for now) burnt out on secret alignments.


07-14-2017 09:18:58 UTC

I’ve reverted the proposal to the previous version. (The reason we don’t edit proposals is that people will have voted on something other than what the proposal currently says. Ad absurdum, it would be bad if you could edit a popular proposal to read “I win” once it had enough votes in favour.)


07-14-2017 09:38:52 UTC

Sorry.  against