Saturday, July 15, 2017

Proposal: Factions: Try 3 (million)

Times out 1-3. Failed by pokes.

Adminned at 17 Jul 2017 22:27:44 UTC

Create a section within “Dynastic Rules” called “Factions”.
Within “Factions” add:

The Seraphim shall assign a private faction to each player, either Innovationist or Traditionalist, unknown to the player unless they request their Faction from the Seraphim. The Factions the Seraphim can assign are the titles of the sections directly under this section. Abilities of the Factions are detailed within. The precise method for doing it is by randomly assigning one of the Factions with the least Pactmakers to the first Pactmaker on the player list, then repeating until all Pactmakers have a Faction ready for them. All squares outside of a zone of control or all factionless players are Unaligned.
An image of the faction’s territory is shown here. A dark color (dark red, dark blue, or grey [dark white]) signifies the base of the factions Innovationist, Traditionalist, or Unaligned, which are signified by the colors blue, red, and white for non-base locations. The capital is considered to be the base of the Unaligned.

I would like Cuddlebeam to deem telling me what I (likely) messed up of extreme urgency.



07-16-2017 08:43:55 UTC

I don’t think “randomly assigning” will work - random rolls “must be determined by an appropriate DICE roll in the GNDT” according to the appendix (we added this to avoid the boring necessity of explaining how to fairly roll random numbers every time it came up), and this would mean that everyone knew what factions people were in.


07-16-2017 12:56:28 UTC

Still burnt out for now from private factions in the last dynasty.  against


07-16-2017 15:54:25 UTC

Segregation is a cornerstone of nomic (if everyone is the same, you have no advantage! You need to create differences), but I think that this style of “core*” segregation has already been made recently (a variable which is binary and secret).

Mana is (my attempted) core (along promises), one of all integer values and public. I intentionally made it as different to our previous “core” (be cultist or not) as possible.

*“Core” being something that we easily consider to be important or central to the game, subjectively. For example, last dynasty, Camp position could’ve just as easily been attempted to be made to be as important or more than what faction you were in, but it wasnt made so because its easier to make stuff that “feels right” with leverage on the core thing.


07-16-2017 16:35:39 UTC

against per pokes


07-16-2017 17:24:28 UTC



07-17-2017 00:46:09 UTC

Wouldn’t differentiation between players (at least to an American reader, ‘segregation’ is a poor word choice) be a cornerstone of any game, not just nomic in particular? And even then, with no explicit player differentiation there’s still general cleverness; symmetric perfect information games have no other mechanic to do so.


07-17-2017 07:49:01 UTC

@pokes: Differentiation is a good word. Also, I believe that cleverness is also differentiation although not as much as a formal one and one that we can control explicitly with proposals. It’s like “non-formal differentiation”.

Overall, I was thinking of differentiation in the context of leveraging your proposals/votes, not really it being the essence of games. You could propose/greentick mechanics that benefit having the differentiation of being “very diligent” or “ability to scam” (non-formal), like intentional daily action grind or linking more mechanics together to make outlets; or the differentiation of “having little mana” or “having a lot of Stamina” (formal), like “if you have 4 mana or less, you can’t be targeted by other players” or “Double the amount of Stamina all Pactmakers have”.


07-17-2017 07:57:41 UTC

(And furthering into self-reflection and non-formal differentiation, it’s scary to me how thinking of what dynasty to do parallels my scamming lol. Huge volume, relatively low accuracy, creating overall more productive value than average but a lot, lot of ‘waste’ of value that isn’t productive.)