Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Proposal: Fixing small errors.

Illegally changed to the Proposal category - Josh

Adminned at 25 Jul 2012 23:30:26 UTC

If “Just don’t do it after midnight…” fails, this proposal does nothing.
Amend the rule “Feeding” to say:

At the start of every other day, beginning July 27th 2012, all Workers must feed their Manuls. Any Worker who has at least 2(M-1) CW, where M is the number of Manuls that worker has, loses 2(M-1) CW and has fed their Manuls for the day. Otherwise, they must automatically sell Manuls by repeatedly decreasing their Manul count by one and then increases their CW by 6 CW, until the Farmer has N manuls and at least 2(N-1) CW, at which point they lose 2(N-1) CW and have fed their Manuls.

Just a fix to the Feeding rule preventing negative CW counts.



25-07-2012 23:38:20 UTC

This isn’t actually a proposal. When you make the post, click Categories in the tabs and choose Proposal.

Josh: he/they

26-07-2012 06:30:01 UTC

“A non-official post may not, through editing of the blog or otherwise, be changed into an official post, with the following exception: Whilst a non-official post has been posted for less than fifteen minutes and has no comments, the author may change the categories as they wish.”

It looks like this was changed into a proposal four and a half hours after posting, which makes it illegal I’m afraid. So you know, Vovix, this isn’t esoteric - changing a post’s category doesn’t affect the amount of time that the post has been open for, and given that the ruleset requires proposals to be open for voting for 48 hours that causes a clerical headache. Please do resubmit the proposal in the correct category, though.