Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Flea Market: My Sister’s Laptop

Flea Market - I hope the Broker makes his offer quickly on my sister’s laptop!

She doesn’t need to know


Kevan: he/him

05-08-2014 11:06:49 UTC

I’ll give you £11 for it, and the Collector will give you an additional £5.50 if you sell it to me.


05-08-2014 11:15:10 UTC

£19, take it or leave it.


05-08-2014 11:25:44 UTC

Purblebeard - You’re a main competitor, and you know you can collect an average of 42 pounds for this item if you sell it this week! Knowing that, and that there will be others willing to cash this item, I think $26.5 is only a fair offer…


05-08-2014 11:34:53 UTC

That’s not what my numbers tell me.


05-08-2014 11:36:46 UTC

Sorry, you’d get an average of 37. Anyway, offer me $27 or more, any player, and I’ll take your offer over the Broker’s offer.


05-08-2014 11:45:12 UTC

Okay, my math is all wrong. $21 or more, anyone? Average Broker offer with bonus is 25.50, but honestly, don’t trust me anymore - do the math! If no-one’s biting, I’ll take the Broker’s $16.50.


05-08-2014 11:45:58 UTC

Is that what you have Purplebeard? 25.50? Sorry about those erroneous claims earlier, btw


05-08-2014 11:51:25 UTC

That’s about right. Unfortunately, at the price you’re asking, I’d be better off searching my own attic.


05-08-2014 12:03:17 UTC

Fine, fine - You’re math is infallible. I accept Purplebeard’s offer of $19.