Monday, June 20, 2022

Ascension Address: For creation to occur…

..the previous world must first be destroyed.

The legends warned you of this event. Once our world had been declared unstable by our almighty ruler, bright beams of light would fall from the sky, massacring every living being on earth. You didn’t think it would actually happen, but lo and behold, the end of the world was in sight just two minutes ago. As you and the other survivors emerge from your destroyed and once underwater homes, you realise nothing is the same. The world you once knew is now filled with demons.

According to some scripture you read, this is only a temporary state and the artifact required to create the world is locked away in a vault meant to only be unlocked by the most worthy individual. When you arrive at the vault, you see a giant monster guarding it. According to said scripture, an ideology created by a human is required for the creation of the new world. Demonic help may even be required to vanquish this guardian…

Repeal all dynastic rules. Set the wiki page referred to in the rule Dynastic Tracking to World’s End. Replace all mentions of Guardian with Entity and all mentions of Oracle with Omnipotence throughout the ruleset.

bootleg SMT3 dynasty lesgo


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