Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Ascension Address: From the diaries of PM Wouters, 26 July 1966

It’s so difficult to be the Commander-in-chief. All I wanted to do was serve my Pays-Loups Nord by writing legislation to help the people, but then someone had to go and die, and I had to go and say ‘okay’ to becoming Prime Minister. This shouldn’t have been easy, but at least not this hard. Tensions since last week have been extremely high. Everyone’s got nukes, everyone suddenly seems more willing to use them, and it’s like the only way to get respect these days is to bully people around. I just need some sleep, but the pills are making it hard, and when it comes all I get are fever dreams about pacts and Seraphim.

Veto all pending Proposals. Change ‘Pactmaker’ to ‘CIC’; changing the first instance to “Commander-in-chief (abbreviated CIC)”. Change ‘Seraphim’ to ‘UNSG’; changing the first instance to “UN Secretary-General (abbreviated UNSG)”. Repeal all Dynastic Rules except for “Combos” and “Tags”.


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