Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Proposal: Fun Ending

self killed failed by card

Adminned at 27 Apr 2018 06:16:43 UTC

Create the following rule:

A Pawn achieves victory if they make a blog post with the Super Treasure.

The Super Treasure is a text string which shall be hidden by the Kings somewhere on the Blognomic blog, Slack or wiki. The Super Treasure contains the following text string: Super Treasure.

Rather than having a proposal to end the dynasty, we can have a small game (Treasure Hunt) which would end the dynasty pretty quickly in a fun way. Also, we’d have an Emperor and no need to fiddle about the theme because they’d choose it.



25-04-2018 19:26:42 UTC

imperial This dynasty has currently no means of victory except by proposal, and the terrain-paragraph system is cool, but would need a lot of work, which seems unlikely to happen with the low activity. Nonetheless, I’d rather not end it too hastily.


26-04-2018 05:42:37 UTC

Oh right, a deferential vote doesn’t work here. I change my vote to for.


26-04-2018 19:16:35 UTC

I like the idea however I’m unsure of how it can be hidden effectively on those places. The wiki has a “Recent Changes” page, slack highlights channels which have new messages and some people don’t have it anyway and the blognomic userscript gives a slightly unfair advantage to some people in this situation.

Kevan: he/him

26-04-2018 20:32:51 UTC

Since this victory condition is (apparently) open to idle players who can unidle if they find the Treasure, it seems fair enough to comment from the stalls.

“A Pawn achieves victory if they make a blog post with the Super Treasure.” means that as soon as one person makes that winning blog post, everyone else can duplicate it to win as well. (BlogNomic - deliberately, I think - allows multiple concurrent declarations of victory.) Which doesn’t seem like a very fun ending.

Also, here’s a hash I might use later: 258b0c7e500e01ce903e5e533d2e0795


26-04-2018 21:58:40 UTC

against looks a bit faulty as card and Kevan pointed out.


26-04-2018 22:03:00 UTC

cranks RSS update speed to maximum

(sidebar: would it be easy to fix the comments feed? it seems to have broken spontaneously a few dynasties ago)


27-04-2018 00:32:00 UTC

You use the rss feeds? I never bothered because I read they were broken.


27-04-2018 02:36:39 UTC