Friday, March 16, 2007

Gadget: Speed Motors

While Speed Motors exists, any Agent may, instead of spending a Ticket to Move, make a comment in the GNDT stating “leaving XXX by NNN”, where XXX is eir current (start) Location and NNN the type of Ticket e should have spent instead of making this comment. If there is a “Last Known Location” field in the GNDT, that agent must also alter eir “Last Known Location” to reflect eir current (start) location before making the movement

The Agent that has this gadget may move across the Iron Curtain in this manner without restriction.


Amnistar: HE/HIM

03-16-2007 02:42:00 UTC

for good concept :)


03-16-2007 14:24:56 UTC

_Any_ agent can accelerate their movement so long as the gadget is in existence?  against

Amnistar: HE/HIM

03-16-2007 14:31:47 UTC

not accelerate, just move for free, but their location is known.