Thursday, March 09, 2017

Sticky Post: Ganglion

The nervous system exchanges signals here.



03-09-2017 22:39:03 UTC

I’ve taken the liberty of making this after I noticed we were moved in position to eat but moved away before I could work my Beak magic. A simple, readily available nervous system can help us coordinate.


03-09-2017 22:40:03 UTC

Slack feels too out-of-band, and EE’s messages are a little unwieldy…


03-09-2017 23:20:43 UTC

I was wondering about our nervous system. Maybe the satisfaction reward could be adjusted into a stronger signal, at the risk of tearing ourselves in two.

Oracular rufio:

03-09-2017 23:25:52 UTC

I think we should

- move back to one of the reefs
- wait while pokes eats
- ocelluses scout surrounds looking for brine pools

We need a brine pool if we want to keep moving and not get stuck waiting for Viv to give us more weekly nutrients.

Oracular rufio:

03-09-2017 23:27:54 UTC

Also, people should give their micronium to pokes, and pokes should give their gonium to the statolith so that the Limbs can take and use it.


03-09-2017 23:36:59 UTC

I’ve transferred one gonium to each limb. If we pass by a reef and I notice or get notified by the Ganglion I’ll eat.


03-10-2017 00:33:01 UTC

just subscribing to the ganglion so I’ll get updates…


03-10-2017 03:23:44 UTC

We don’t need a brine pool.
If we all wanted, we can get 40 nutrients every day now, and, given A Massive Appetite passes, 90. Granting that a brine pool would yield a maximum of g65 as opposed to g45, we aren’t dead in the water, far from it.

Oracular rufio:

03-10-2017 03:41:41 UTC

Actually, you’re right, I suppose if we moved to a reef and all became beaks briefly and each used a daily eating action, that’s… 12 * 6 = 72 - 24 for transforming in and out of beak state = 48, and then I guess we could get gonium with a pancreas.  Maybe eating should be a daily communal action.


03-10-2017 05:27:25 UTC

You’re free to make a proposal and find out if it should.

Oracular rufio:

03-10-2017 05:57:21 UTC

I don’t know, I am thinking maybe a better way to deal with this is to penalize frequent state changes instead, which would also force us to work together more.  Reintroduce them as daily actions, maybe, or something more sophisticated.


03-10-2017 10:08:45 UTC

I honestly don’t believe we would be stranded, ever, because a proposal to un-strand us would be super popular just to get the game going again.


03-10-2017 17:49:31 UTC

What, no love for slack?

I suppose I’m on slack all day anyways, so its more convenient for me.


03-10-2017 18:46:50 UTC

How about an embedded chatbox?


03-10-2017 18:58:49 UTC


Can we do that easily?


03-10-2017 19:10:37 UTC

no idea


03-10-2017 19:38:39 UTC

Stocked on Gonium, got plenty for a trip back to the brine pool if we need to, moved to the furthest location (Cuddlebeam’s Vent) to get exploringggg and give our eyes something to do.

Oracular rufio:

03-10-2017 20:04:49 UTC

There is no brine pool…


03-10-2017 20:24:38 UTC

Found one.


03-10-2017 20:40:35 UTC

We’re at the Brine Pool now

Also, we didn’t have those Gonium stocks because I messed up. They’re actually Miconium (ty Oracular for catching that)

Oracular rufio:

03-11-2017 19:38:04 UTC

I got us some gonium, scouted another vent, and moved us back to Cuddlebeam’s reef.  Pokes (or someone else who takes some micronium) can eat now.

Also, we are next to Sea of Eden.  Since Sea of Eden doesn’t have any terrain features, scouting that direction will produce a new one, even though the location is already named.


03-12-2017 02:15:37 UTC

Missed this before midnight, but have now beaked the reef for March 12.


03-13-2017 17:38:54 UTC

if we leave the Sea of Eden in-scouted, it could be an ideal place to lay eggs.


03-13-2017 17:54:35 UTC

I want to turn into a gut but the GNDT won’t let me

Oracular rufio:

03-13-2017 18:32:11 UTC

It seems to be missing a lot of other possible organ states as well.

Oracular rufio:

03-13-2017 23:05:42 UTC

I think we’re ok for gonium for a while now.  I think I followed all the rules, let me know if I got something wrong.


03-13-2017 23:06:04 UTC

we have SO MUCH GONIUM lol


03-14-2017 08:41:02 UTC

I have no idea how this happened but:


03-14-2017 13:53:34 UTC

Where do you access the idle check?

And of course its my account that gets borked. I have something of a curse in that area.


03-14-2017 14:30:49 UTC


03-14-2017 18:43:22 UTC

I made a simple “Do you have Fool’s Gold?” calculator thinger. It relies on assuming that the players are rational zombies that will always pick what will profit them, and not pick what won’t profit them. I hope it helps you with strategic play \o/

Here you go: