Tuesday, November 01, 2005

GNDT & Cities

I might just be blowing steam here, but it seems like it might be helpful to put the GNDT to use tracking more than just the Deity data. Couldn’t we make it work where the cities are concerned, too? I’m not gonna lie, I’m having a hard time accessing the Worshipper wiki page (i frequently have trouble with wiki’s, why? i don’t know…), and honestly, without that, all the counting makes this a little bit more complicated than it needs to be. I have some very rudimentary ruby scripting experience, but I keep thinking it might help…

1. Is the GNDT capable of performing simple math? Or is it really just a scorekeeper?
2. What kind of access do the admins have to the server? Is ruby available or installed or whatever?
3. Am I even making sense? Does anyone else find this getting slightly too complicated, or am I just lazy?
4. Is that a bad thing?
5. Is anyone smarter and more awesome than me, and could do what I suggested in my stead, because I might not be able to deliver?

Well, that’s pretty much enough for now, I think. I’m gonna look into this after I finish reading Foucault, or more likely, before I even start.



01-11-2005 22:55:41 UTC

The GNDT as far as I know, has a random number generator, but aside from that I’m code-illiterate.

As far as awesome and smart, I’d nominate Kevan for those titles.  He did make the first MMOZA.


01-11-2005 22:56:36 UTC

hey I agree with you. The worshipper wiki is ‘fiddly’ (I think Kevan coined this term - too much work for too little fun).

I find the GNDT easier to use for certain types of info, but the wiki is accessible to all players. If there was a way to have a GNDT where each row was a city and the worshipper numbers were in the columns, I would love that. But as it is only admins could add new cities.


01-11-2005 22:57:59 UTC

MMOZA? Massively Multiplayer Online Zombie A… something?


01-11-2005 23:12:40 UTC

ah - Urban Dead - Massively Multi-Player Web-Based Zombie Apocalypse

Angry Grasshopper:

02-11-2005 00:44:20 UTC

1. It’s a scorekeeper. Values can be strings, or selected from a drop-down list.

2. We have a shell. I’m not sure that Ruby is on the server, but we could install it locally if the dependencies work out.

3. Yeah.

4. No. I had thought that Worshippers might take a little book-keepings..

5. We have added game state elements to the GNDT in the past—Robots and Sharks come to mind, but I wonder that we would have too many entries if we added Cities to the GNDT. We could always fork the GNDT into a CNDT, if you catch my drift. Two links?


02-11-2005 01:19:46 UTC

I’m working on a Ruby on Rails (+ mysql) system for keeping track of things, including Deities, Pantheons and Cities, although I briefly entertained the possiblity of including Powers and Components… Tell me if I should limit myself, I don’t know what takes the fun out of what (as I haven’t played long at this blognomic), or anything else you think might change the situation…

Angry Grasshopper:

02-11-2005 02:21:39 UTC

Knock yourself out.

>>Tell me if I should limit myself, I don’t know what takes the fun out of what (as I haven’t played long at this blognomic)...

Philosophically, each person does whatever he or she likes, at least within the constraints of the game. Everybody has some opinion on how we ought to play, so we vote. =)

I guess I mean that you can be divergent as you like, and should we disagree on how to do things we vote about it. Conversely, you have a vote on everything that happens, at least as the rules are currently set up.


02-11-2005 07:18:11 UTC

There’s no reason not to alter the GNDT to take numeric strings, and then allow arithmetic operations upon them.  This shouldn’t be that hard, but I’m not a perl guru, and that’s what the GNDT is written in. It’s also not the most elegant piece of code in the world.  Kevan has talked about reimplimenting it in MySQL, but doesn’t have the time. 

If you’re going to write something, make it as flexable as possible such that it can be adapted.  Since we never seem to keep rules for more than a month or two, if that, it’d be best if it was GNDT-like in its ability to take any value.

On a related note, if we can get edit.cgi working (why doesn’t it?  who knows!) we can implement a CNDT quite easily simply by disseminating the password for it generally, so long we change that code to track who the editor is, which shouldn’t be that hard.

On a related note, since I haven’t used this thing yet,  veto

That is all.


02-11-2005 18:04:43 UTC

Actually, you used it to veto a proposal a while ago.


02-11-2005 21:20:10 UTC

Well, sure.  But it wasn’t getting enough love.