Thursday, April 18, 2019

Proposal: Going, Going, Gone

unpopular 1-3 with 2 defs
failed by card

Adminned at 21 Apr 2019 04:14:29 UTC

Make “Contracts” a subrule of “Projects”, rename it to “Reviews” and reword it to:-

If the Great Eccentric has not Reviewed a Project in the previous 48 hours, the Great Eccentric may Review a random Dreamed Project by taking the following atomic action:

* Make a blog post stating the name of the Project being reviewed.
* Resolve the resource ranges in the Project’s estimation, and list this in the contract. This is known as the Project’s Cost.
* Set the Project’s Prize to the total number of Resources in its Cost.
* Change the status of the Project to Contracted.

A Contractor may construct a Contracted Project by paying the Project’s Cost from their Resources and increasing their Funds by the Contract’s Prize (minus $1B for every full 72 hours that have passed since the project became Contracted).

If a Project was constructed more than 24 hours ago, any Contractor may change that Project’s Status to Finished.

To the bullet list in “Projects”, add:-

* a prize (either a number or “Unknown”)

Set the Prize of all Projects to “Unknown”.

Planning my next move - and assuming auction patches to resolve ties - the obvious one is to bid as low as possible on any projects I don’t intend to complete (and/or which I can see that other players are more likely to complete). Maybe we don’t actually need two auction systems here.


derrick: he/him

18-04-2019 14:22:34 UTC


There’s no bite to this system. No committing. No danger.

You’re right that bidding low on projects you don’t intend to complete is a good tactic currently, but I think the solution is to increase responsibility for failing, not to decrease ownership of projects.

Kevan: he/him

18-04-2019 15:27:45 UTC

There’s still plenty of commitment and danger in bidding for Deliveries to get you towards a Project that hasn’t been Reviewed - it might turn out to be cheaper than you anticipated (in which case you’ve overinvested in resources) or more expensive (meaning that you might not get it in time).


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21-04-2019 04:00:16 UTC