Sunday, April 28, 2019

Government Transparency

The Great Eccentric looked at those he had hoped would fulfill his dreams and sighed. Six projects worth billions of dollars each, but only two bids, each one on a different project. 

Perhaps the bidding needed more publicity. He hoped that making the bidding public would urge contractors to bid…

Come one folks! You can’t make money without bidding for contracts! You can bid for $100B at this point and possibly win!



29-04-2019 05:05:42 UTC

I was afraid something like this might happen . . .
it’s usually a problem with secret bidding. at least some activity is kept up with deliveries

Kevan: he/him

29-04-2019 11:49:01 UTC

“You can bid for $100B at this point and possibly win!”

You can also bid $100B and lose, and have an opponent gain that $100B. (Although any ludicrous wins at this point will become Fool’s Gold.)

derrick: he/him

29-04-2019 16:53:50 UTC

Are people avoiding voting in order to avoid letting bids resolve?

Kevan: he/him

30-04-2019 08:27:45 UTC

Personally, since I’ve got no resources there’s a strong incentive against me bidding: I have to bid higher than the “ideal” amount for a project to compensate for the fact I’ll potentially face an $XB fine for completing the project late - but if I bid that high, I’d likely just be handing the project to someone who did bid the ideal amount.