Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Proposal: Growth

Reached quorum and enacted. Josh

Adminned at 02 Dec 2020 20:17:59 UTC

Add the following to the end of the rule Shells:

If a Jockeying Pilot ever has a Power of zero then their Shell is destroyed. A Jockeying Pilot with a destroyed Shell must set their status to Demobbed and blank their Archetype, Power, Attack and Defence.

Add a new rule to the ruleset, called Pilots:

Each Pilot has the following trackable variables: Experience and Memes.  Experience and Memes can never be lost.

Experience can be gained in the following ways:

* A Pilot gains 1 Experience every time they start Jockeying a new Shell
* A Pilot gains experience equal to the Experience Value of a Bogey’s sub-species whenever a Bogey is removed from the game as a result of one of their Fire Posts
* A Pilot gains 1 Experience every time they cease to be Jockeying because their Shell is destroyed

A Pilot may exchange Experience for Memes whenever they are Demobbed. Available Memes, their costs, and their effects are as follows:

* Rakshasha Targeting: Cost: 5 Experience. Effect: When Firing on a Rakshasha Bogey, a Pilot with this Meme may select a range of two contiguous integers as the attack’s Fire Vector.

Deactivate the special case rule Imperial Deferentials.


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