Thursday, November 13, 2014

Guys, we have no blockquotes and stuff as options when we comment.

The Body field is required.



14-11-2014 06:51:17 UTC

I’ve just been typing out the blockquote tags manually.


14-11-2014 16:20:12 UTC

I wanted to, but I forgot the format :\


14-11-2014 17:40:39 UTC

Replace the (s with <s

75th Trombone:

15-11-2014 06:10:42 UTC

First: When you say “when we comment”, you’re talking about the actual blog posts in the admin, NOT these comments here, right? Were there ever HTML buttons here on the comment form?

In the admin, clicking the little open-book icon yields some HTML shortcuts you can use. You can also now post using Markdown, which is awesome.

There SHOULD be more prominent buttons, though; I’ll look into where they might be hiding.

75th Trombone:

15-11-2014 06:24:06 UTC

for test


21-11-2014 02:10:13 UTC

Thanks Bucky

Trombone, that is an accurate statement. I am referring to the actual posts. We had these formatting options like italicize, blockquote, bold, etc.