Sunday, May 01, 2011

Hello World!

Hello all,

I am new to Blognomic but was introduced by a good friend Yoda. I hope to join you all and wade through all the rules and fun. I will try to be active, but finals week may slow me down for about one week. After that, I have the wonderful, dear, beloved Summer to make my life a little easier. See you all soon!



05-01-2011 17:43:56 UTC

“good friend”! That’s all I am to you?

Sigh…. updated member list.


05-01-2011 18:02:01 UTC

Tehe! Te amo gringrito mio. Yes, Yoda is my bf. And I think he’s rather proud of it.


05-01-2011 20:09:55 UTC

Teehee! She likes having a little green man as a bf. ;-)


05-01-2011 20:21:12 UTC

*facepalm* Just keep telling yourself that hon. And we need to get back to lessons if that’s what you think.