Monday, January 26, 2009

Story Post: Hey, Arth! Heads Up!

@Arthexis: You may want to post the station of an ingredient with its name on the ingredients list. Otherwise, people could just add a new ingredient by the same name without a station. Also, you may want to do something to keep people from making ingredients with the same names as recipes.



01-26-2009 00:59:57 UTC

I’d rather read a typo than two lines of mispelled lolspeak telling me there used to be a typo but there isn’t now. We’re not actually going to have to pass a “don’t edit other people’s posts” rule, are we?


01-26-2009 01:18:41 UTC

(That was me replying to two lines of “RODLEN WAS HARE CORRECTING YOUR SPELLING” which have now disappeared.)


01-26-2009 01:20:06 UTC

Because they were annoying and a waste of space.


01-26-2009 04:11:38 UTC

@Wakukee: Why don’t you propose a fix to this yourself?


01-26-2009 04:33:23 UTC

Well, editing is not traceable.


01-26-2009 10:22:52 UTC

If casually editing other people’s posts and comments is now accepted by the community, we should regulate that (or, at least, take a quick vote to see what people actually think about it). I’d rather not see a DoV where the declaring admin edits all non-vote discussion posts to read “Actually, this looks fine! Well done admin!” and expects to be taken seriously.

And no, editing maybe isn’t traceable, but it’d be easy enough to demote all but a few strongly-trusted admins and force the others to reapply, if an unknown admin was abusing their position.


01-26-2009 15:39:13 UTC

Kevan: That is a fix that might be neccessary :(

Wooden Squid:

01-27-2009 02:18:49 UTC

I would support such a fix.