Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Hey, yo. Listen.

Oy, Beamquiel, Seraphim of Heaven’s Eighth Order here, so you better listen up you damn sin-monkeys.

Having fun with “rules”, huh, Pactmakers? Heh. Let me know when your flimsy doohickeys can compare to the only rules that truely matter - our rules.

Anyways, I got some news from the Mr. Big Guy himself. Apparently he wants me to set up some “Plan” for you guys, because of his “no-intervention” policy. Yeah, you know, “Let the kids die in Africa”, “It’s up to them to choose between right and wrong.”, “Free Will is A-OK.” yadda yadda. Meh, the usual.

The “Plan” is:
• “I promise to not vote (aside from VETO), unless its to make a Voteable Matter Popular or Unpopular.”
• “I promise to not make any comments on Proposals about their potential formal functionality, unless its in private to such a proposal’s poster or I deem the situation to be of extreme urgency.”

That’s all.



07-12-2017 23:50:15 UTC

I promise to within 50000 years submit a proposal preventing the Seraphim from getting Extreme Seizures.


07-13-2017 12:28:49 UTC

[pokes] Given that pacts are simply created “at-will”, I think that might be binding.


07-13-2017 13:37:20 UTC

Oops. I meant it, but forgot to add it to the pact page.