Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hiatus begins

Game actions stop, etc, until the DoV is processed and all CfJs are cleared.

Edit: Kevan and I were discussing such things in #Nomic today and we discovered a slight inconsistency in the rules. We have

Hiatus may not end if either of the following stipulations are false and ends once they are both true:

* There is no active DoV.
* There are no pending CFJs.

but also

The Hiatus then continues until the new Captain posts an Ascension Address to the BlogNomic weblog…

Seems like we should resolve this one way or the other before we continue play.




03-02-2006 22:34:01 UTC

I guess if a DoV passes then the old Hiatus-ending requirements end and the new ones replace them.


03-02-2006 22:35:43 UTC

I suppose “then continues” is readable as “then resumes”, so the Hiatus just pauses briefly while GNDT stats are being reset…

But yes, ugh, we really should rewrite the core ruleset. Smith had a good idea about copying it across to a blank Wiki page and letting everyone kick it around, to see what we end up with - maybe we should do that before going much further.


03-02-2006 23:14:09 UTC

That might give me a chance to prevent a Venting scam without someone pulling it to nullify the proposal fixing it.


03-02-2006 23:25:56 UTC

I always figured that an “active” DoV was one that either:
1) Had neither passed nor failed
or 2) Had passed, but the Ascension Address had not yet been posted.

Explicity defining “active DoV” this way would clear up the contradiction, right?  I’m sure that that is what is intended, too—If all DoVs fail, Hiatus continues until CfJs resolve; if a DoV passes, Hiatus continues until CfJs resolve _and_ an AA is posted.

Seventy-Fifth Trombone:

03-03-2006 06:10:20 UTC

Ditto Kevan’s (and apparently smith’s) idea about hacking at the core Ruleset. 

I had some ideas that I once put up there; mostly “What is the gamestate? What is the ruleset?” type stuff.  For whatever that’s worth.


03-03-2006 07:39:42 UTC

I don’t see why a DoV that has passed and can no longer be voted on should still count as “active”.


03-03-2006 13:39:41 UTC

You could say that it’s active because the game actions resulting from it has not yet taken place. Once they are resolved, the DoV is no longer active.