Sunday, November 01, 2009

How to Win

Create a new rule, “Victory [250 points]”:

As a weekly action, any player may declare victory.



11-01-2009 18:37:34 UTC

This isn’t a legal proposal, as it wasn’t submitted in the “Proposal” category.


11-01-2009 19:03:06 UTC

against  even though it isn’t a proposal. The price should be higher.


11-01-2009 19:05:27 UTC

1200 points, perhaps.


11-01-2009 19:36:10 UTC

Also, it should be “any player may achieve victory”, not “any player may declare victory”. Anyone already can declare victory per the Core Rules.


11-01-2009 20:17:07 UTC

DoVs are fairly informal, we don’t need to worry about being too precise about wording this kind of victory condition. Nobody (well, nobody much) would vote against a DoV because the agreed victory mechanism used “declare” instead of “achieve”.