Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hunting and Gathering #2

Requirements - none
Available Space - 5
Start Time - 08/02/08 00:00:00 (UTC)
Length - 4 Days (Until 08/06/08 00:00:00 (UTC)
Purpose - This party will be sent out to hunt for food for the group, as well as help make the city they are staying near a better place.
Rewards - 5xp and 5 gold pieces
Penalties - none
Other - This is a series of parties designed for those who don’t think they will be very active in the coming week, but don’t want to fall too far behind.  The idea for this series goes to Amnistar.  This is basically a series of freebie quests because I will automatically succeed this party around the time stated under the Length; however, due to questing rules, you will not be able to join other parties while you are in this party.  I may, from time to time, post minor challenges, but I will always succeed this party at the end of the time period regardless of the results of those challenges.



07-31-2008 23:05:08 UTC

Count me in.


08-01-2008 12:41:16 UTC

Count me in


08-04-2008 02:07:50 UTC

I am going to go ahead and succeed this party.


08-04-2008 02:08:56 UTC

Rewards dispersed.