Saturday, August 13, 2011

I deidle

I deidle - Quorum remains at 6 - Do I get my frags back? Because I was doing well!


Prince Anduril:

13-08-2011 16:07:39 UTC

Awesome - 6 frags please. I miss one turn and I go from joint first to fourth! Amazed someone didn’t win in that time though.

Prince Anduril:

13-08-2011 16:18:29 UTC

Though, looking at it, I believe I have no fouls so my Audience Appreciation is currently 6 (1 below Kevan) - Woo joint 2nd! - Looks like I missed an eventful turn.

Kevan: he/him

13-08-2011 17:09:46 UTC

I’ve unidled you, and quorum remains six.

Note that saying “I deidle” does not unidle you, you can only make a request for an admin to unidle you. (So you should go back and cast your votes again, on the Fweep and the CfJ, since you weren’t a Gladiator when you posted them. Although it wouldn’t hurt to have a clause retroactively making those kinds of votes legal, since this sort of thing happens occasionally with new players.)

Prince Anduril:

13-08-2011 17:28:18 UTC

Good point. Thanks for the reminder.