Saturday, December 12, 2015

Proposal: I Didn’t Get Where I Am Today

Passes 3-0. — Quirck

Adminned at 14 Dec 2015 15:59:23 UTC

Enact a new subrule of “Committees”, called “Performance”:-

The Performance Committee has five seats. Its power is to remove a single Clerk from a single Committee, provided that a Motion from the named Committee has enacted or failed within the previous week as a consequence of being open for voting for at least 48 hours, and that the named Clerk was a member of the named Committee when the Motion was posted, and that the named Clerk cast no vote on that Motion. (This power does not apply to Motions posted before the 12th of December 2015.)

Replace “A number of Committees exist, and are listed as subrules to this rule.” with:-

A number of Committees exist, and are listed as subrules to this rule, in alphabetical order by title.

Rearrange the subrules of “Committees” into alphabetical order by title.


quirck: he/him

12-12-2015 12:10:42 UTC


Josh: he/they

12-12-2015 12:13:40 UTC

Is this not just a less-powerful version of the Terminations Committee, which is itself a committee that no-one can be bothered to be on?

Kevan: he/him

12-12-2015 12:19:37 UTC

The Termination Committee only works against Committees with more Clerks than Seats, which is unlikely to happen without collusion from the Supply Committee. Clerks not bothering to vote on their Committees’ Motions has already just happened.

Tantusar: he/they

12-12-2015 22:17:56 UTC