Tuesday, August 03, 2021

I don’t intend to distract from the pleasure of building out a new dynasty

But some of you may find value in a new essay I’ve published on the wiki.


Clucky: he/him

03-08-2021 22:21:01 UTC

I think you make some good points, and I would not be opposed to switching from slack to a discord server.

I do think there are a couple of things slack does better. Its easier to manage DMs and keep them contained to just blognomic folks. And I think the channel system is a bit better for our purposes (where post channels are opt-into as opposed to discord where you just get added to all of them)—there are bots that help get around that through clever usage of user groups but not sure how hard those are to setup.

lemon: she/her

03-08-2021 22:36:20 UTC

i think the pleasure of building out a new dynasty has already been distracted from. u’ve got some good points here

Janet: she/her

04-08-2021 02:27:30 UTC

I’m fine with either Discord or Slack.

“where post channels are opt-into as opposed to discord where you just get added to all of them”

Non-core channels could be placed in a few categories, so opting-out of all of them would just require a a few one-time mouse presses.

Chiiika: she/her

04-08-2021 02:52:17 UTC

I think we should switch to Discord as per the essays point, and I’m willing to help in this switch.


04-08-2021 06:15:24 UTC

I’ve been avoiding Slack for a lot longer than I’ve been avoiding this dynasty. Participating or not, I have the perpetual sense that I’m missing critical pieces of debate because it’s happening on Slack. But I’m also very averse to joining Slack, as it’s a large hassle that won’t even run in the same browser I use for Blognomic.

Josh: he/they

04-08-2021 07:08:55 UTC

I agree with the thrust of this argument, although I can’t shake the feeling that I’m a part of the problem and should likely stay away from slack as a part of whatever remediation ends up taking place.

I would support the creation of a splinter discord (or other service) that can exist while undergoing status negotiations.

Josh: he/they

04-08-2021 07:14:22 UTC

I’m really sorry for Jumble and lemon, I think this is going to be a good dynasty once we find a way over this roadhump.

I’ve also been thinking a little about the early discussions on non-game content moderation that were had, and whether we have enough people for a peer-moderation structure that would be workable. I’ll try to write those thoughts up today.

Josh: he/they

04-08-2021 08:28:49 UTC

Here’s a discord server for kicking the wheels: https://discord.gg/V5hcq8z3


04-08-2021 11:05:08 UTC

I want to say, to give some personal credit to Slack a bit, or more generically to having persistent real-time chat channels that aren’t the blog, that I would likely not be here without it. I tried multiple times in the older days of BN to get into it, and always lost interest, and I think that’s in part because Nomic is a social game that, at the time, had unbearably clunky ways to be social. Compared to then, Slack has fixed that for me, and is the mechanism by which I’ve become connected to the game at all via people playing it.

I’ll get over switching to Discord, if that’s the consensus this time, but while there have been some arguments, having Slack around has brought me much more joy than it has frustration.

Josh: he/they

04-08-2021 11:08:00 UTC

I agree that I appreciate having a real-time chat room and am grateful for it, and that 99% of the time it’s additive and fun.

Kevan: City he/him

04-08-2021 14:24:10 UTC

I didn’t realise people using Slack for work can’t disable notifications from the BlogNomic workspace, that does sound bad.

Discord’s slow mode sounds useful, but muting players seems more like a tool to use against full-on trolls and spammers than objectionable players in a small group - I’m presumably still going to see other players responding to the muted one, which doesn’t seem great. (It’s still somewhat frustrating to hear half a conversation with someone I don’t want to hear from, and confusing if I misread someone’s reaction to a muted player as being a standalone question to everyone.)

It’d be good to see a summary of Slack-vs-Discord comparisons from the previous times this has come up. Last time we talked about it I think it came down to “if you use your real name on other Discords, BlogNomic players will get to see that”, “players might be able to detect when you’ve Discord-friended a player to PM them” and “if you’re running the Discord app everyone can see what videogames you’re playing”?

Josh: he/they

04-08-2021 14:40:35 UTC

@Kevan It would be nice to eg be able to block people from DMing you; I got a sizeable quantity of unsolicited DMs in the last dynasty on slack and it would be nice to avoid that.

Here’s the last thread on the subject and here’s the one before; I still have some ambiguity about other non-Discord alternatives. I’ll note that some of the stronger, more personal objectors from the last thread are not currently active.