Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Proposal: I Haven’t Got All Day

Reached quorum 5 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 25 Aug 2015 21:10:59 UTC

In “Confessions”, reword the paragraph beginning “Either Party of a Confession may Threaten the other” to:-

Either Party of a Confession may Threaten the other (the “Nerk”), if either of the following is true:

  • The Threatening Party has either Defected or Cooperated on that Confession more than 24 hours previously, and the Nerk has neither Defected nor Cooperated on that Confession.
  • The Threatening Party has made a Statement on that Confession more than 24 hours previously, and the Nerk has not made a Statement on that Confession.

When such a Threat is made, the Threatening Party may announce that the Nerk has either Defected or Cooperated, in a comment to that effect on that Confession; upon doing so, the Nerk is considered to have Defected or Cooperated, accordingly, on that Confession.

Fixing the threats to cover both cases where one prisoner is moving the confession forward and the other isn’t.



08-25-2015 11:00:45 UTC


Josh: HE/HIM

08-25-2015 11:39:17 UTC



08-25-2015 11:55:23 UTC


Also, what about ‘hanging’ crimes, where neither of the parties are making a Statement or signing?


08-25-2015 12:42:56 UTC

for @ShareDVI Perhaps have a time-out, after which the crime defaults to something (cooperation?).


08-25-2015 13:07:35 UTC

@Aname that means that by waiting, a defect vote can be changed to cooperate


08-25-2015 14:38:36 UTC

True, but if the other party is active, they can choose the other’s option as per this rule. Defect -> cooperate is (as far as I can see) possible only if the other one lets it happen.

Kevan: HE/HIM

08-25-2015 15:22:13 UTC

There is an issue in that the two subjects of a Rumour might just agree to ignore it entirely.