Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Proposal: I put on my robe and my wizard hat

Passes 7-0. (Amnistar vote does not count) —Clucky

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In the subrule “Inventory” after the phrase

Lasting Effect - any Gamestate effect that occurs while an Adventurer has the Item


Item Type - The kind of item this is

Add the following as a subrule of “Character Sheets” called “Equipment”

Each adventurer has a set of equipment. Equipment is tracked by a number of slots which can either be empty or contain one item whose item type is the same as the name of the equipment slot. An adventurer may move an item from eir equipment to eir inventory at any time. This process is called “unequipping” the item. An adventurer may also move an item from eir inventory to eir equipment, provided e moves it to an equipment slot that has the same name as the type of the item e is moving, and that slot does not already have an item in it. This processes is called “equiping” the item. Items which are equipped are considered part of an adventures inventory.

The following equipment slots exist:

Give the “10-foot pole” item the item type of “Weapon” and rewrite its Lasting Effect to say

The adventurer holding this item had it equipped, e may at any time push an object or surface that is no more than 10 feet away from the adventurer. If this is done, any effect of pushing that is described in the gamestate documents takes place, if any.

Give the “Bread”, “Apple” and “Fish” items the item type of ‘Food’.

No shirts because no one has torso awareness yet



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for The new 10 Foot Pole effect is worded awkwardly and I still think it would be better as a temporary effect, but I like the equipment.  Nice job.

Although, I must ask why no torso awareness?  Don’t we need armor?


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What about it?


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It answers your question. Not all of the references in this dynasty can be OOTS =P


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Stop confusing people with FOR votes, Amnistar.


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