Saturday, December 15, 2007

in english please?

Can someone explain what this section of the ruleset actually means?

At any point, if there is an unprocessed Challenge Atempt comment in a Challenge Post, the Allfather may process a challenge attempt by examining the differen between an attempting Einherjar’s chosen statistic, the story about the attempt, and roll of a DICE10 to decide if the Einherjar passed the challenge. If the Einherjar passes, the Valkyrie who own the attempting Einherjar gains the benifit of the prize. If the attempt fails, the Einherjar suffers the effects of the Penalty stated in the Challenge Post. If the Allfather rolled a 1 or 2 in the DICE10 roll, and the Einherjar failed the attempt, the attempting Einherjar may not again attempt a Challenge Post until the next week

First you are trying to take the difference of three numbers. One of those numbers it not a number but a story. (ascii???) and finally you are supposed to do all this to see if someone passes something but you don’t say what needs to happen for passing?

I read this a couple days ago and was confused. I read it again now and am still confused. Is the ruleset horribly confusing or am I just not reading it right?



12-15-2007 02:14:45 UTC

I think that sentence is supposed to go “...examining the difference between an attempting Einherjar’s chosen staticstic and the Challenge Rating, the story about the attempt, and a roll of a DICE10…”

The bit about the Challenge Rating got left out.

Darknight: HE/HIM

12-15-2007 05:51:10 UTC

You could try reading it upside down and backwards clucky lol Doubt it’d help lol =P