Thursday, June 08, 2017

In the name of science!

Why O why did I ever join this accursed expedition—the bitter cold, the unexplained chest hair, and now these rumors of cultists in our midst. It is all too mad! But science must go on.

My research has discovered a promising dig site deeper into the interior. I cannot rely on my companions to take action, and I do not yet know which of them I may trust. Although my research indicates that this particular mission will bring me no hidden rewards, I will do it. It is my hope this will bring us closer to some goal that we have not yet established. For science. Also, 6 supplies.

1. Take 17 Supplies from Boot Camp (Orkboi supplies 3 -> 20 ; Orkboi debt 0 -> 17)
2. Move to Base Camp (Orkboi location Boot Camp -> Base Camp, supplies 20 -> 19)
2. Exit Base Camp (Orkboi location = Base Camp -> Orkboi location = 82d)
3. Explore (Orkboi location 82d -> 84d, supplies 17 -> 16)
4. Explore (Orkboi location 84d -> 86d, supplies 16 -> 15)
5. Establish Camp “Dig Sitecamp” (Orkboi supplies 15 -> 12 ; location 86d -> Dig Sitecamp ; new camp created)


Kevan: Oracle he/him

08-06-2017 17:50:14 UTC

A Camp’s name “must end in ” Camp”” - I assume the space is deliberate there.


08-06-2017 17:51:04 UTC

What is the usual interpretation of words in this context? Does “Dig Sitecamp” contain the word “site”? Does it also contain the words “it” and “am”?

Kevan: Oracle he/him

08-06-2017 17:52:02 UTC

And I’m afraid this doesn’t complete the “Establishing a Dig Site” mission, because that requires you to put the words “Dig Site” in the description, rather than the title.

Happy for this to be fixed by a supplemental proposal that marks the mission as complete, though, if you’re who you say you are.


08-06-2017 17:52:44 UTC

Wait, the words “dig site” have to appear in the description of the camp anyway, which they don’t.

Kevan: Oracle he/him

08-06-2017 18:02:09 UTC

I think it’s also illegal for anyone to exit a Camp while holding a Rule, because “Each Dynastic rule is located in a Camp”. This stops being true for a rule when you exit the Camp with it.


08-06-2017 18:05:26 UTC

[Kevan] Upon closer reading of the Rules rule, holding a rule doesn’t actually change the location of a rule but removing it does.


08-06-2017 18:23:59 UTC

Argh. There’s always some detail isn’t there? Do I really have to go outside and establish another camp with the right description?

As for the locations of rules, if someone wants to CFJ it, go ahead. I think the rules are quite ambiguous on this count.


08-06-2017 18:44:47 UTC

You could CfJ to make it completed with you as the completee, however someone else who would benefit from that reward might simply establish one with the right description before the CfJ passes.

Kevan: Oracle he/him

08-06-2017 18:55:27 UTC

[Sphinx] Not sure what past consensuses have been. But “containing the word ‘site’” seems significantly different from “must end in ’ Camp’” - “Sitecamp” does not end in ” Camp”.

[card] True enough about the Rules rule.

[orkboi] It looks like the whole Combo fizzles and none of it happens, if one step is illegal: “The gamestate may be changed to reflect the results of the Combo once all of the actions are completed.” - so the gamestate could never be changed. I think you’re free to just take the Combo again immediately, but fixing that one step.


08-06-2017 19:03:18 UTC

Since atomic actions are considered one action by the rules—the individual parts that make up the action are usually referred to as steps—would orkboi be able to change the description as well?

Kevan: Oracle he/him

08-06-2017 19:15:27 UTC

I assume so: none of it actually happened.


08-06-2017 19:23:55 UTC

OK, since this was illegal from the start (my apologies fellow explorers), I will roll it back.


08-06-2017 19:24:45 UTC

Well a new version of atomic actions passed, but I’m still not sure.