Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Proposal: Infamy! Infamy!

vetoed by card, new dynasty

Adminned at 01 Aug 2018 22:18:59 UTC

In “Legacy”, replace “A wizard’s legacy is equal to their glory plus half of their infamy” with:-

A wizard’s legacy is equal to their glory minus half of their infamy.

Plus to minus. It looks like at least two of us misread the scoring as the more obvious “infamy is bad”.



31-07-2018 08:38:34 UTC

is it not part of a legacy to be remembered in infamy? aren’t many historical figures who did terrible things remembered above those who did good?  imperial for now

Kevan: City he/him

31-07-2018 08:46:18 UTC

Sure, I’m mostly just curious as to whether anyone else misread it. (Or whether enough people support a tactical amendment towards punishing Suspicion, I suppose.)

derrick: he/him

31-07-2018 13:17:02 UTC


I did not realize how subtle that was. But at any rate, its still anyone’s game, and now folks are aware. And reading the subtle implications of rules is very much nomic.


31-07-2018 15:23:35 UTC


derrick: he/him

31-07-2018 15:27:21 UTC

arg! I meant against!

Brendan: he/him

31-07-2018 16:46:34 UTC



31-07-2018 17:10:49 UTC


Kevan: City he/him

31-07-2018 19:05:38 UTC

Interesting that as the only person who feels strongly enough to vote against, if the Historian were to instead vote DEF, the Imperial Deferential would flip it from 3-3 failing to quorum 6-0.

derrick: he/him

31-07-2018 19:18:01 UTC

The one person who has no stake except writing the original rule!

Trigon, Brendan, and Corona should really have this decision. Two of them have voted, but Trigon’s vote is especially meaningful, because he has a chance of winning. If this passes, he will go from a legacy of 30 to legacy of 4. If he votes for it, I’ll happily change.


31-07-2018 21:15:35 UTC

for purely selfish reasons


01-08-2018 05:27:37 UTC

against CoV


01-08-2018 22:16:33 UTC