Monday, March 23, 2009

Declaration of Victory: Announcement: Invasion???

Rule 1.2: For the purposes of the Ruleset, excluding Rules 1.1, 1.2 and 1.8, Idle Scripters are not counted as Scripters.

Rule 1.9: If a Scripter (other than the Producer) believes that he has achieved victory in the current Dynasty, he may make a post to the Blognomic weblog in the Declaration of Victory category, detailing this.

Rule 1.9 says that only scripters can make DoVs. Idle scripters are not counted as scripters for the purposes of Rule 1.9. Comex is idle. Therefore, this is illegal.


Also, I’m mentioned twice. Once as Darth and once as Cliche. -Darth

Adminned at 23 Mar 2009 15:04:35 UTC

Without objection, I intend to put each of the following on hold:

404NOTFOUND, aaronwinborn, Aemos, AgentHH, ais523, ajhager, Alcazar, alethiophile, Allispaul, Altharis, Ambi Valent, Amnistar, Angry Grasshopper, aran, Armayus, Ar-Pharazon, arthexis, Axeling, Axiallus, BabylonJasmine, Bahro, banana, Banja, Beane, Ben, Billy Pilgrim, Bluebottle, BobTHJ, Brainslug, Brendan, Bucky, Cafemusique, captpir8, CaptTwinky, Cascadia, Cavaliere Pugrins, Cayvie, Cheater, ChinDoGu, Chivalrybean, Chronos Phaenon, Ciaran, Cliche, Clucky, cmealerjr, CodexArcanum, Coldspell, Combustable, comex, coppro, Corlindale, Cosmologicon, Craig, Damanor, danopato , DarkElf, Darknight, Darth, David Mega, Da Vinci, Denis Brandao, Devenger, Dirk, dogfish, Doodle, Doremi, Dreson, Dr Zed, Duke, Dunam, Dustin, Dvorak Herring, Edometheus, ehird, Elias IX, E.lite, Eljefe, Elysion, Enderbean, epylar, Escher, est, Euthydemos, Excalabur, Fidelio, Fjom, Garran, garrinok, Gazanga, Gazebo Dude, Gill_Smoke, Glod, Gnauga, Gobleteer, Goethe, gr4nf, Gramira, Greth, Grey, Gwydion, harblcat, Hello Sailor, Hix, Hobbes, Hockeyruler, Iammars, Icarus, Igthorn, Inauspicious, Influenza, Iron, Iron Man, Isolde, Ivan Hope, j, Jacek_FH, Jack, Jamuraa, jay JelloGoesWiggle, Jeid, jmrdex, Jockawo, Joe, joe371, Josh, JoshuaGross, Jupiter, Kaddar, Kahbn, Kamikaze, Keitalia, Kels, Kelvin, Kevan, Kurt, Lambert, lars atomica, Leurez, Lex10, Logan, Lugosh, Lunaetic, LykeX, Mal3, Masked Jedi, Mescad, Mickey, mistarr oconnell, Mnemosyne, Moonwryn, Murphy, Nephandus, Night, Noah, Notafraud, Octave, Oni Tainlyn, Oracular rufio, Orkboi, Ornithopter, OscarMeyr, ovangle, Oze Pangolin, Paladin, patio11, Pavitra, peacefulwarrior, Person, Personman, pikhq, Plorkyeran, Poe, predisastered, Psychotipath, Purplebeard Qapmoc, Quazie, Qwazukee, Ralff, Rhontos, Rodlen, Rodney, Rotwang, Royce, Saki, Salamander , Satyr Eyes, Saurik, Scaramouche, Schrodinger’s Cat, sctfn, Seebo, Seeking, Seventy-Fifth Trombone, sgeo, Sgeo, Shade, ShadowClaw, shallowminded, Sheelawolf, Shoji, Siege, Simon, SingularByte, Sir Toby, sixsidepentagon, Slipjig, Smith, Snowballinhell7001, Soyweiser, Sparrow, SPBM, spikebrennan, Spitemaster, Syl, TAE, Tagone, Taral, Tekneek, tem2, Tesla4D, teucer, The Cube, The Doctor, The Lone Amigo, Thelonious, TheSmokingMan, Thorolf, Thrawn, Tiberias, Tiger, TigerMoth, Token, Tommy, Topher, Tripwire, Truman Capote, Vee, ViewtyJoe, vostibackle, w1n5t0n, Wakukee, Warrigal, WildCard, Wittgenstein, woggle, Wooble, Wooden Squid, Woofy, Worthstream, Xaxyx, Yagyu Jubei, Yally, Yoda your mother, Zaratustra, Zebra, Zeofar, Zephyr, zuff



03-23-2009 20:38:05 UTC



03-23-2009 20:39:33 UTC

Err… is this even a valid DoV? You’re idle. Also, wtf?


03-23-2009 20:44:51 UTC

Any DoV made by a player is a valid DoV; it’s up to the other players to vote on whether or not victory has actually been achieved.

Comex seems to be idle, though, so isn’t regarded as a player (under Rule 1.2), so this isn’t a valid DoV.

I’ve no idea what “on hold” is supposed to mean. Is this a scam from a different nomic?


03-23-2009 20:56:45 UTC

Idk what this is, but I object.  against


03-23-2009 20:58:18 UTC

I also object.  against


03-23-2009 20:59:12 UTC

Hold? If you, an idle person, are going to post a DoV, I’m going to vote.


03-23-2009 21:24:18 UTC

against buhwuh huh?


03-23-2009 21:37:19 UTC

‘Comex seems to be idle, though, so isn’t regarded as a player (under Rule 1.2), so this isn’t a valid DoV.’

I take it that means we can still carry on with normal script writing etc. if this isn’t a DoV, then the game isn’t in Hiatus?


03-23-2009 21:43:53 UTC

against  against  against  against  against  This makes no sense.


03-23-2009 21:46:54 UTC

No, we’re not in hiatus.

I haven’t figured out what’s going on yet, but I’m looking. comex seems to be the equivalent of idle in B nomic and active in Agora. This probably has something to do with him and some other nomic.


03-23-2009 21:59:56 UTC

Yep, no hiatus, because only a Scripter can make a DoV. Closing this up.


03-23-2009 22:04:03 UTC

against I object.