Monday, March 20, 2006

Is environmentalism dead?

I feel that the cause of environmentalism has suffered greatly under the Avzurship of Angry Grashopper.  From nothing, the Shiny Demons have multiplied until there is little hope of distimming Dosh without summoning one.  I beleive I just might be able to do better.  For this reason, I nominate myself for Avzur of EcoDosh.

However, with the added risk of Shiny Demon summoning due to the addition of Quorum to the factors, it could be that environmentalism in the Building is truly dead.  For this reason, I wish to transfer to GDPDC.

Finally, I feel that the members of Postom and Bankford have been greedy and neglegent in their ruthless exploitation of the Distimmery.  Evidence of this may be seen in Lars Atomica’s current location.  To prove that P&B is not greedy, they should give 15 Distimmed Dosh to each other DPG.

Unfortunately, First Gostak does not have enough members for a group vote.



03-20-2006 23:04:34 UTC

Everyone except Rodney:  This requires a group vote from your DPG.


03-20-2006 23:10:00 UTC

against I may be in hell for my greedy Dosh-based crimes, but I’ll freeze before P&B loses its hoard of Dosh.

Angry Grasshopper:

03-20-2006 23:12:10 UTC


First you want to be Avzur, then defect?


03-21-2006 00:42:11 UTC

for (GDPDC)


03-21-2006 05:03:50 UTC

against thankfully it has to have more people for than against the proposal in the DPG for it to pass, not just more for votes


03-21-2006 05:19:56 UTC

AG: If elected, I can choose not to defect.


03-21-2006 16:27:41 UTC

against I wish i had line-item veto power. Postom & Bankford is not a charity organisation!

Angry Grasshopper:

03-21-2006 19:35:54 UTC

Line-item veto you say, smith? Write up a proposal.


03-21-2006 21:11:39 UTC



03-21-2006 22:51:15 UTC

It’s been 24 hours.  I am now Avzur of EcoDosh 2-1.

Angry Grasshopper:

03-21-2006 23:01:32 UTC

If a post requires a Group Vote from a DPG, members of that DPG may vote either FOR or AGAINST the post. If, after 24 hours, the post has more FOR votes from Gostaks belonging to the DPG than AGAINST votes from Gostaks belonging to the DPG, and has at least 2 FOR votes from Gostaks belonging to the DPG, the post is said to pass the Group Vote from the DPG.

So you are. Anybody feel a draft—that rule seems to have some holes in it.