Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Proposal: Jabbing Out Your Eyes to Spite Your Hints

Self-Killed. -Purplebeard

Adminned at 21 Aug 2013 23:39:02 UTC

I’m new here. I’m still wrapping my brain around the current ruleset. My thinking is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to *remove* hints once they’re gained.

A player may sacrifice 6 of their Eyes to move 1 of their own Hints to the Hints of another player, provided the other player does not already have the particular Hint. This action may not be taken more than once every 48 hours.


Clucky: he/him

20-08-2013 15:18:23 UTC

against makes it too easy to make someone impossible.

RaichuKFM: she/her

20-08-2013 15:46:28 UTC



20-08-2013 16:20:27 UTC

Clucky: Good point. What if, instead of moving an eye, a player could just remove one of their own for an “eye” fee?


20-08-2013 16:58:31 UTC

Given that you can remove the letter that makes you impossible, I don’t think that you could be made impossible via this rule.


20-08-2013 18:11:55 UTC

against If we allow Players to remove their own Hints the whole mechanic becomes pointless; they exist to help the other players pin down one’s Style. Right now, for example, I’ve made it known that my Style doesn’t begin with a C, and other Players need only look at my current Hints to know that. If this was in effect, one could just remove the ‘correct’ number or letter from one’s Hints right before declaring victory.

Also, this proposal doesn’t actually specify that a rule is to be created or amended. You need to explicitly state that, and provide a title for any new rule the proposal creates.


20-08-2013 19:19:07 UTC

Purplebeard: Unless I’m missing something, if a person has a Hint that makes them Impossible, they can *never* win, as there is no way to remove Hints. The moment the Impossible-making Hint is listed, they permanently lose. That makes continued gameplay moot for that person, does it not?


20-08-2013 20:03:17 UTC

against No reason to let this go on! I still think a way to remove Hints is not only useful, but necessary, but this is not that way. Plus, you know, formatted incorrectly vis-a-vis rule creation.


20-08-2013 21:11:37 UTC

Zefareu: The permanence of Impossibility is fully intentional (or it has been on my part, at least). It is essentially an elimination mechanic: you can speed your progress by leaving Hints, but leave too many clues to your Style and someone may knock you out with a correct Guess. The only ways the ‘correct’ Hints can be listed (under the current ruleset) are to intentionally knock yourself out by adding them or to fail to respond to a Challenge.

If Hints can be removed, the information they provide is no longer trustworthy and they’re rendered useless as far as guessing is concerned.


20-08-2013 21:43:42 UTC

against Per Purplebeard


21-08-2013 14:48:23 UTC

Purplebeard: I get it now. What has happened, to at least this new Player who isn’t rule-savvy, is that I accidentally made myself Impossible. Which means I’m unmotivated to make gameplay choices that lead to *my* success, but rather to make choices that disrupt the success of other Players—which is not necessarily a bad thing, just a curious thing. What happens if everyone becomes Impossible? Generally, if a person is Impossible, they’re not likely to announce it, correct? (My case being the obvious exception, though I figure I’m new, and won’t assert myself until a new Dynasty anyway….) But if everyone becomes secretly Impossible, the Dynasty becomes stuck, does it not?

RaichuKFM: she/her

21-08-2013 17:34:01 UTC

Thats when someone obtains the Diamond, and everyone ignores the whole oppose-Impossible-Victory thing, or we pass a Proposal to lax that so at least someone can win. It could also be grounds for making a new Metadynasty, but considering recent dynastic history that would be a poor idea.