Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Proposal: Katelyn vs the Copbots [Defence]

Fewer than a quorum not voting AGAINST. Failed 4 votes to 6 by Kevan.

Adminned at 13 Oct 2021 17:21:45 UTC

Add the following as a subrule to the rule Floors, called Hacked Copbots:

Floors may contain Hacked Copbots; these are publicly tracked in the same place as the locations of Citizens are tracked. A Hacked Copbot is not considered to be a Copbot Swarm for the purposes of any dynastic rule.

Whenever a Citizen (other than Katelyn Dubose) would change their Location from one Floor to another for any reason, if there is a Hacked Copbot on any Floor between their Floor of Origin and their Destination, their Location is instead set to the closest Floor to their Origin that contains the Hacked Copbot and they are immediately Endangered.

If Proposal: Come out to the coast was enacted then, in the rule Hacked Copbots, after the text ‘for any reason’, add ‘(except moving through Ducts)’.

Rewrite the rule Security as follows:

Katelyn Dubose is an entity that is considered to be a Citizen, for the purposes of Dynastic Rules, with a Floor and an Inventory. Floors may also contain Punk-Neo-mutualists, which are tracked like Copbot Swarms.

Katelyn Dubose is a terrorist who is the enemy of the State; as such she has an adversarial relationship with the Copbot Swarms in the building. When Katelyn Dubose Progresses, her Location is set to the bottommost floor of the Zone directly above her current Zone, with the following notes:

* If the Floor that Katelyn Dubose would move to contains a Citizen but not a Coptbot Swarm then that Citizen is immediately Harmed.
* If the Floor that Katelyn Dubose would move to contains a Copbot Swarm but not a Citizen then that Copbot Swarm becomes a Hacked Copbot and Katelyn Dubose’s Location does not change as a result of this Progress.
* If the Floor that Katelyn Dubose would move to contains a Citizen and a Coptbot Swarm then the Citizen is immediately Endangered, the Copbot Swarm is destroyed and Katelyn Dubose’s Location changes as normal.

Any Citizen (other than Katelyn Dubose) that moves into any Zone (other than those represented by the rules Infirmary or Earthlink) containing Katelyn Dubose or Punk-Neo-mutualists is immediately moved to the Infirmary, and is Harmed, unless that Citizen has a Taser or Blaster in their inventory, in which case a single Taser or Blaster (randomly selected) is removed from their inventory and they are instead Endangered.

Katelyn Dubose has the goal of reaching the Earthlink and invading Earth. If ever Katelyn Dubose’s location is the Zone represented by the rule Earthlink then she and her Punk-Neo-mutualists attempt to invade Earth; any Citizen whose location is the same Zone and who possesses at least one Toolbox or EMP Grenade has achieved Victory.

In the rule The Clock, change the last bullet point to read “Progress Katelyn Dubose, and change the Location of all Hacked Copbots to be a randomly selected Floor”.


Zack: he/him

12-10-2021 14:02:52 UTC

“a single Taser or Blaster is removed from their inventory” is ambiguous if the Citizen has both a taser and a blaster.

Josh: he/him

12-10-2021 14:04:50 UTC

Thank you - amended

Kevan: Drone he/him

12-10-2021 16:52:37 UTC

Compulsory Defence vote: for

SupernovaStarbright: she/they

12-10-2021 18:37:31 UTC

> Engangered

Other than that, I don’t se any particular reason I am opposed so


Brendan: he/him

12-10-2021 20:30:17 UTC

This is too long to read but the Drone says it’s fine.  imperial  All hail the Drone!


12-10-2021 21:04:44 UTC

Well, this removes the placement of punks. I’m also not sure that if a proposal changes a citizen’s floor, the citizen is “changing their location” (excepting the enacting admin). More like their floor is being changed. So does Hacked Copbots actually block movement? Tentative against


12-10-2021 21:07:46 UTC

Oh, and those with blasters/tasers get a second advantage over me and my tinfoil hat, when we want to get to Earthlink. It’s a CONSPIRACY!

Josh: he/him

12-10-2021 21:13:12 UTC

@TyGuy - that’s true about the Punk Neo-Mutualists - sorry, genuine oversight. I’ll patch it as soon as I have a slot, if this passes.

I think that the meaning of ‘changing the location’ is sufficiently clear that an exotic interpretation would not stand up at CfJ.

redtara: they/them

13-10-2021 00:15:01 UTC

against I’m pretty much against increasing the complexity of the mechanics right now for a variety of reasons.


13-10-2021 10:04:34 UTC


Zack: he/him

13-10-2021 15:22:12 UTC

against The idea of hacking copbots is interesting but I think this makes dealing with Katelyn and the Copbots too complicated


13-10-2021 15:55:10 UTC


Raven1207: he/him

13-10-2021 17:10:02 UTC