Friday, June 14, 2019

Proposal: Key Words [Appendix]

Timed out 1 vote to 3. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 17 Jun 2019 07:44:48 UTC

In the Appendix, amend the first paragraph of “Keywords” to read:

A keyword is a word used in a way such that it names or refers to an entity, idea, or action useable by the Ruleset to represent or alter the Gamestate. A keyword defined by a rule supersedes the normal English usage of the word. Furthermore, a keyword defined in the Glossary supersedes that defined by a rule. (eg. A rule specifying “bananas are blue” cannot be overruled by posting a dictionary definition or a photo of a banana, and a rule specifying “every day is Sunday” will be overruled by the Glossary entry below.)

Create a subrule of “Keywords” called “Glossary,” and move the list of keywords to that subrule.

Add a word to the Glossary, whose entry shall read as follows:

:To attach meaning to a word or phrase such that it can interact with the Gamestate.

I’ve been thinking about how to clean up some things in the Laundry List, and I think I have a good solution for the Keywords item.

Edit: taking a second look at the proposed Glossary item for “define,” I’m not entirely sure I like it. I’m open to suggestions.



14-06-2019 22:09:42 UTC

I’m not sure if the glossary entry does anything in my interpretation of it - writing a sentence can attach meaning to a word or phrase, and then if that sentence is in the Ruleset it’s allowed to interact with the Gamestate.

Since this is a very old entry on the Laundry List - is its presence there because of an actual issue that we had?

Kevan: City he/him

15-06-2019 19:47:43 UTC

Quick take from a largely offline weekend, but the glossary entry would undefine any keywords which don’t “interact with the gamestate”, and I’m not sure what we’d lose by stating that.



15-06-2019 22:58:56 UTC



16-06-2019 01:38:40 UTC

[Kevan] Do you have any suggestions on how to define it? We could use a dictionary definition, but those are hardly sound.

[pokes] I don’t think there’s been an issue with it in the past (Kevan would know better than I), but it doesn’t hurt to fortify the wording in case it would need it in the future.

Plus, it’s easier to track any in-game progress if there are Proposals that need voting on or resolving.


16-06-2019 14:26:01 UTC

against for if-it-ain’t-broke reasons. If we had some more color on why it made it into the laundry list, like an attempted scam long ago, it would inform what the fix should be.

Kevan: City he/him

17-06-2019 07:44:00 UTC

I don’t remember, but I think the laundry list was just a concern over the fact that a rule like “Wheat is a type of Resource” is clearly a definition of a term, but something like “Settlers may Build by posting to the blog” less so.