Thursday, December 30, 2021

Proposal: Kiosk Seeding

Timed out, 3 FOR, 4 AGAINST. Failed by TyGuy6.

Adminned at 02 Jan 2022 00:48:50 UTC

If has passed:

Select three different random stops, none of which are Starting Points or Roadside Attraction, and none of which already have the Kiosk type. Add the Kiosk type to each of those three stops.

If it did not pass:

Select three different random stops, none of which are Starting Points or Roadside Attraction. Change the type of the three selected slots to be a Kiosk


Josh: he/him

30-12-2021 23:27:19 UTC

If Dual Carriageway then the type can be added instead of changed

Clucky: he/him

30-12-2021 23:28:13 UTC

good point

Kevan: he/him

31-12-2021 09:44:21 UTC

against Per Clucky saying “fun fact there is still a scam you can use / but we need a kiosk to do anything with it / oh wait this isn’t my chat with josh” on the public Discord channel.

Josh: he/him

31-12-2021 10:30:41 UTC

Hard to argue that that’s not fair. (For what it’s worth, I don’t think that there’s a scam, and Clucky and I are not actively conspiring - we were just chatting last night about the proposals.)

I’m for , anyway, just to get things moving towards an endgame of sorts.


31-12-2021 14:47:02 UTC


Brendan: he/him

31-12-2021 18:20:45 UTC

against Same as Kevan.

Kevan: he/him

31-12-2021 18:20:53 UTC

Yes, I wouldn’t call what I can see a scam either, this is just adding a conventional victory route. Combining it with Tripper Clipper gives us a game of “if a Kiosk appears in the first 20 Stops, then the first group of three players to reach the Brendanian Library wins”.

As a player who isn’t currently in a group of three players, I don’t much like those odds.

Clucky: he/him

31-12-2021 18:37:58 UTC

i’m not in a group of three either

if you don’t want me to support ending the dynasty early though, I suggest you support making it so I actually have a possibility of winning

Kevan: he/him

31-12-2021 18:49:58 UTC

Sure, I don’t think Imperial Lineage has really added much to things since it came in, on reflection. I’d consider supporting a repeal of it.

Josh: he/him

31-12-2021 19:02:19 UTC

I was part of a group of three but then the other two idled :shrug:

Hey, Kevan and Clucky, want to team up?

Raven1207: he/him

01-01-2022 04:41:45 UTC



01-01-2022 20:11:48 UTC

against Would be happy to wait for a Kiosk to be randomly generated.

Josh: he/him

01-01-2022 20:13:48 UTC

cov against per TyGuy