Sunday, June 14, 2015

Story Post: Laboratory Tour (Bid Post)

Huge floodgates force back the water of the bay; a few waves crash over their edges to spill down into the vast descending tunnel shaft. “As you can see, advances gleaned from our friends in the Zardeb system have enabled us to increase the, ah, size of our operation significantly!” says the Attendant, from a hovering perch. With a subsonic groan, a mighty elevator rises from the darkness, large enough to convey the chosen few down to the geothermal tunnels miles below. “Although of course that secret shuttered military base gave us our start. Quite a few interesting things they had abandoned down there before the evacuation. At any rate! I’m sure it’s all just idle curiosity to you, mighty Kaiju, but if anyone is interested in a look around…”

Bids for the first two Lab Tokens will now be accepted.



06-16-2015 20:44:57 UTC

Bidding is now closed. Sylphrena and Darknight were the winning bidders; the Pot was 27. There were two unsuccessful bidders, so I have awarded—somewhat weirdly—13 Prestige to “every other Kaiju,” including the one who did not bid at all.

I’ve also reduced the Prestige of the winning bidders by their respective bid amounts, since the Ruleset does not specify how MUCH to reduce it by, and “Highly Biddable” is stuck in the queue. Feel free to CfJ if you disagree. Sylphrena and Darknight may now increase their Lab Tokens by 1 at their own convenience.