Friday, April 14, 2017

Ascension Address: Let the Games Begin

Centuries ago, a group of teenagers in Pays-Loups, a small country near Zahndorf, decided to settle a small quibble by hitting various things and each other with sticks. They had so much fun doing this that they decided to do it more often, and other people had so much fun too that over time Bloggsball became not only the national sport of little Pays-Loups but a favorite pastime of neighboring countries as well.

As the Manager of a local International Bloggsball Association-affiliated Bloggsball team, this has so far meant big business for you. But a recent contract dispute has led every IBA player to quit right before this upcoming season. There’s only a few weeks to fill out your team, and maybe win some games, before crowds expect to see which team wins this year’s championship belts.

. . .

Throughout the ruleset, rename “Organ” to “Manager” and “Statolith” to “Commissioner”.
Keep the “Atomic Actions” rule.



04-14-2017 05:41:45 UTC