Monday, April 16, 2018

Proposal: Let the Kings move!

reached quorum 4-0

Adminned at 17 Apr 2018 15:18:11 UTC

Add a new rule “King Dynamics” containing the following subrule named “Royal Promenade”:

Five times a day, a King may perform the following atomic action:
- Choose a random direction, excluding those they cannot move to.
- Choose a random cell that they are able to move to in the chosen direction.
- Move to the chosen cell and perform the actions described in the Spotting rule if possible, without taking into account requirements and modifications related to sanity.
In place of the optional blogpost described in the Spotting rule, a King may summarise the five “speaking to the locals” in one single post.

Set the movement of card and Diabecko to 10.



16-04-2018 21:28:03 UTC

This proposal sets the Kings’ movements to 10, but I just realized that stat is missing from the GNDT.


16-04-2018 21:30:45 UTC



17-04-2018 02:58:59 UTC

unless i’m mistaken the Kings are still considered pawns, this give some neutrality though


17-04-2018 07:11:19 UTC

I’m trying to free the Kings from some of the regular Pawn constraints so that we can accelerate spotting in a neutral way. I’ll have much more time from now on to participate so I’d like to boost the game a little and introduce a victory condition related to the objects we place on the board.


17-04-2018 07:36:18 UTC



17-04-2018 07:38:01 UTC

By the way, size is also a stat that is missing from the GNDT, though it’s useless as of now.